Morning Disasters

Like many of you lovely readers, I’m a very distracted, lazy, sleepy and clumsy person. Of course, this isn’t an advantage when you wake up really early to go to this awful building that they call school. In this post, I would like to discuss “morning disasters.”

1st Morning Disaster

Alarm clocks have humor. Oh, guys, we’re all familiar with the annoying sounds that the alarm clocks make and we all have stories about this kind of morning disaster. Firstly, there are those times when you wake up five minutes before the alarm clocks starts screaming that terrible sound. Yeah, and when you think you still have time to sleep one more hour, BEEEEPPPPPPPP! Secondly, if you think its sound is the only loud noise in the world, try throwing it to the ground. You will wake up right away! Thirdly, let’s talk about those times when you forget to turn the alarm clock off and then, minutes later, you hear the extremely horrible beep again. I mean, it’s like the universe is telling you it’s going to be a bad day!

2nd Morning Disaster

Apparently, the butter belongs in the bathroom. This is what my brain thought after I finished eating my breakfast. I stood up, put my caneca in the fridge and took the butter to the bathroom and finally, placed the napkin in my bedroom’s desk. For many of you (yes, you), this also happens but with different things. It seems like our brains just forget how to think properly.

3rd Morning Disaster

Choosing the right color of pants. (Folks, when I say pants I mean trousers.) I’m too lazy to choose the clothes I’m going to wear the day before I have to wear them so, there I am, every morning, looking at the closet trying to figure out which color of pants I’m going to wear. I look at the window and see the grey sky (very poetic, I know) and I’m thinking “I really want to wear these light blue pants, but it’s going to rain.” So, I take some dark jeans, even though the meteorologists say it’s going to be sunny, and bam! the sun invades the city like a viral video.

(Seriously, sometimes the sky seems to be drunk.)

4th Morning Disaster

Forgetting to pack something in the morning. I usually eat cookies at school before lunch and there are a lot of other things I have to remember to take along with me when I go out. This is evidence that I’m indeed one of the laziest people in the world... or maybe just a normal one (you do that too, right?) I just can’t crawl away from the TV to put my umbrella in my bag!

So, can you think of more morning disasters? Comment below!

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Bethany Bailey