The Ten Commandments of Shopping


Shopping is a way of life. We've all been doing it since we were little. But do you know the ten commandments of shopping?

1. Don't EVER shop with the opposite sex

Do I really need to explain this commandment? For men, shopping is not a pleasurable activity, as shocking as that sounds.

2. Don't freak out when you smell a sale

Sales have this power to shut off a female's logical side of the brain and change it into something maniacal. Just try to keep your cool.

3. Buy only what you need and what you want

Why? Just because. Besides, buying stuff you want makes shopping all the more fun.

4. Explore

Try new things. Buy new things. You never know whether you'll find a new soul mate for your jeans or something.

5. Never wear crazy heels

All that running and walking for, like, two hours in gigantic heels? Ouch.

6. Keep your hair down

You will be trying out hats and you will be pulling shirts over your head. And no, you do not want to mess up that nicely made bun of yours.

7. Don't shop alone

Your eyes may deceive you when you try out new clothes, so grab a friend to act as Simon Cowell for the day.

8. Don't use your parents' credit card

Or you'll be grounded. For life.

9. Don't waste time checking yourself out in the mirror

Do that at home. The dressing rooms and mirrors are for trying out clothes, not checking out your bum.

10. Sometimes, things look better on models

Sad fact of life.

-Barista Mia-

Image: anurag agnihotri