Physiognomy of Celebrities

So guys. Physiognomy is the study of how someone's physical, especially facial, features depict their character. Most people would agree it's largely nonsense- the same sort of thing as believing in horoscopes-astrology- and using pouches full of garlic to cure deadly diseases (anthroposophy). It can be great fun, though. Lets look at some famous faces and see what speculation can do. 

Simon Cowell
Ah, Simon. We all just love Simon, don't we? 
Simon's eyebrows are rather wide apart. Apparently this represents broad-mindedness. Huh- that's one way of putting it. High eyebrows denote his controversial attitude and picky tastes.
He has a large nose- this supposedly means he is proud of his achievements (give him some love- he did create One Direction, after all!). He is also a spendthrift. What was that Jack Carroll was saying about him buying the Olympic stadium because he was looking to downsize...

Taylor Swift

Taylor has a lovely face. I like Taylor. Delicate blue eyes say that she is lighthearted and even flirtatious, but loving too. Down with all those multiple boyfriends rumours! She is also a perfectionist, as we can see from her small eyebrows.
Her even lips show her ability to love is equal to her need for love.
Liam Hemsworth

Liam has a bigger lower lip than upper. Which means he needs love! Ha, ha. Poor Miley. His dark blue eyes represent love, though. His wide jaw tells us he is a powerful and outgoing person. Well, he has to be, to be so famous.
According to the idea that wide lower lips signify a need to be loved, Adele is great in this need. "...I'd go to the ends of the earth for you to make you feel ma love..." She still has a full upper lip, though. She has high and fairly close eyebrows, so she's particular and maybe a bit of a diva- she carries herself in her own confident style. Her greyish eyes say that she has good intellect and is creative. From her narrow chin we can see that she often gets fed up, but as it is also fairly squared at the corners, she is determined and steady too.

Well, that's physiognomy for you! What do you think about it- is it total rubbish or so weird that it's interesting? Let us know in the comments below!