The Ruthless Games: a Hunger Games Poem from the POV of Annie Cresta


There was a time when everything was sweet and fair
When people could run in laughter by the sea
A time that was content just idling there
When loving arms would curl themselves round me.

The fishing boats came sailing into shore
I watched then from the lily-studded bay
Till one crashed in I hadn't seen before
At the end of the final old and righteous day.

There was no finity to what I saw
No ruth was shown in hunger's vicious games
Flat panic struck and slowly ate me raw
So saner critics judged and gave me names.

Now when people touch me from behind
All I sense is a truthless, snatching sting
I try to get up, search, but cannot find
The doorway to a new awakening.
Now I'm living, trapped, inside a seed
And the more that's snatched away, the more I need.

-Barista Sabita-