Snacks for Exam Days


Finals are coming up for some and for others, like a few of my friends, the SATs are just a week away. Of course, the panicky questions that run through our heads and tongues are inescapable. Have I prepared enough? Does my calculator have batteries? Do you remember what ossify means? One important question that seems to evade us every test day, though, is: what type of snacks you should bring to the test center? After all, some foods are natural brain boosters. It's a good idea to bring excellent-for-brains snacks that you can have in between tests. So what snacks are perfect for those dreaded exam days?

Nuts and seeds

I'm not much of a nuts and seeds person, but for every test, I always bring along a packet. They prevent fatigue, help people's memories, and they're healthy too.


You probably already saw this coming. I mean, water is good for everything. Skip those caffeinated drinks and stick to pure water. Dehydration is something to avoid in the middle of a test. Who wants to take an exam with a foggy brain and a dry mouth?

Dark chocolate

Milk or white chocolate probably isn't the best idea for a test. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, can awaken and sharpen your senses. Eat the chocolate in moderation, though. Don't gobble down a whole bar. Just a little bit will do.

Granola bars

They're light, portable, healthy... what's not to like?

Just be wary of sugared snacks (a teensy bit may be all right, though). They may keep you awake for a little while, but you will CRASH in the middle of the test. Not good.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Alberto G.