How to Wear White Tops

White tops are one of the hardest things to dress up in. It looks too plain and simple to be allowed. I personally used my white top as something to wear underneath some of my more revealing tops. A while back, I had this one white shirt that I really had to wear because there was nothing to wear (we've all experienced this), but I couldn't seem to fit it on just jeans like almost every one of my other tops. With only jeans, my outfit looked so plain. So resorting to my best companion ever, the Internet, I searched for the answer to my white top problems. And sure enough, the loyal Internet gave me answers to dress myself up in a white top in a not-so-plain way. Yay! And now, a few years have passed and I will give to you, lovely readers of Le Teen Cafe, the wisdom that the Internet has provided me with: How to wear white tops.

Wear heals

Without heals, your outfit's going to look a little too boring, but you can spice it up with a nice pair of heels. Mind, the more noticeable your heals are, the better. A white top, nicely fitted jeans, and a pair of crazy heals. Perfect.

Decorate your look with a scarf

Do a little something to make your outfit look more fun. The best part about wearing a scarf is that you can get really creative with this stuff. And you don't have to worry about colors clashing 'cause white goes with literally anything.

Wear a jacket

Here, too, you can skip the worry about color clashes. Put on any jacket and tie your hair up in a tight, high ponytail. I don't know, but for me, whenever I go biker-chic like this, my confidence level just boosts up. Maybe it'll be like that for you too. Oh, and heals. Don't forget the heals when you're wearing a jacket and a high ponytail. This just looks so awesome altogether.

Wear colorful pants or a skirt

Again, no color clash worry! Wear a pink skirt, neon blue pants, leorpard prints, I don't know. You can do whatever you want with a white shirt. Seeing as the top half of your body is plain, why not go crazy on the bottom half of your body, eh?

Do something with your hair

You can do the most outrageous stuff with your hair and it'll look alright because your plain top is balancing it all. But if outrageous stuff isn't really your thing, you can always go for a low slung fishtail braid or something. Just keep your hair down low to make up for the white nothingness on your torso area.


Wear rings, necklaces, everything! Go grab your accessories and put them on one by one until you have no more to put on! Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but you can put on way more accessories with a plain top than with a festive top, so go all out with your precious fake (and not so fake, if you have any) jewelry!

A white top is really simple to dress up because it's just that, a white top. It doesn't clash with anything, it goes with everything, it's perfect. So be a little creative and play around with the things in and out of your closet. You'll be surprised with how many things you can do with that white top you thought you'd never wear.

-Barista Mia

Image: Maria Morri