What are Celebrities Really Like?

For a lot of us, celebrities are a part of our lives and we think about some of them in one way or another every day, like when we listen to their music or see their news online. Do we really consider them as we would an ordinary person, though?

Sure, we can worship Harry if we have to! But celebrities in general just aren't seen in the same way as, say, your friends or your teachers are, and I think they should be. Oh yes. It's not only famous people who are special, and the opposite is also true- it's not only non-famous people who are ordinary.

Let's take a look at the more "normal" sides to some celebs' lives!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jen is a derp. Jen is an adorable person who can voice the secret thoughts and feelings that everyone has; "I've just found two Mentos in my pocket!" She is serious about being foolish. Yay. She also likes to paint and knit sweaters and scarves.


Our fresh dope Will is going back to college to learn quantum physics! Nerdy!

Jessie J

Jessie has always liked to do those weird but almost sneakily fun things we all do- like taking and editing a million selfies and eating a lot. She hasn't let being susceptible to hateful comments get in her way if she wants to publish twenty selfies at a time. And she has struggled to learn to accept her body and how she looks as a good thing, like so many people have.

-Barista Sabita-

Images: Gage Skidmore, Intel Free Press, Eva Rinaldi