The Five Uses of Headphones

Headphones are one of the most useful inventions ever. In fact, my pair of white in-ear headphones are one of the few things I can't go outside without. We all know the actual use for headphones, but are you aware of four other ways the headphones can be used?

Listen to music

Of course we can listen to music with headphones. After all, isn't this what headphones are for? How else could we pass boring hours without blissful music pounding in our ears?

Ignore people you don't want to talk to

When you spot someone across the street that you don't like, just stuff your headphones over or in your ears and pretend you're listening to hard-core music. Or better yet, ACTUALLY listen to music. When said person calls you over, pretend that you're so into the music that you can't hear him or her. The perfect excuse to ignore someone.

Look not so lonely when you are alone

Sometimes, inevitably, some of us are left all alone. Whether it's because you're waiting for a friend or because you've failed to make plans... when you're alone and you're feeling a little too self-conscious about this, put those headphones on and (pretend to) have the best fun ever all alone.

Block out noise when studying

I study in one of the loudest places on Earth. At home. At times when my brother is screaming at me or my mom is nagging, I put on my headphones and sound is shut off quite a bit. Of course, my in-ear headphones don't help as much as actual headphones might, but it's better than nothing. And by the way, with headphones, you can listen to music for real as a brain stimulant.

It looks cool.

'Nuff said.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Andrew