Essentials You Should Carry If You Refuse To Take A Bag With You

Okay, sometimes, I get really tired of carrying a bag with me to every single place I go. I mean, I do get that I have a lot of stuff to carry, but sometimes, I want my arms to be completely free from the burden of carrying a purse. So to paraphrase the title of this post: what should you take with you to wherever the heck-istan you're going if you aren't going to carry a bag?

First of all, if you aren't going to take a bag to wherever you're heading to... Wear something that has a few pockets! Jeans would be a good idea.

Now that we've straightened that out, you should take:

Your phone! Duh!

Tuck your phone into your jeans back pocket and voila. You won't even feel that it is there. Just be careful when you're pulling your pants down to go pee, 'cause your phone might just drop into toilet bowl. Yikes. But other than that, tucking your phone into your back pocket is an ingenious idea. I do it all the time. Even when I have a purse with me.

A little money

Put your money into one of your pockets just in case you need some cash. I always put my money into the front pocket of my jeans. The pocket is very tight, so there's little chance of the money falling out. Other times, I put my money into a pocket on my jacket where there's a little flap so the money doesn't escape from me.

Hair tie and rubber bands

Diamonds Hair ties and rubber bands are a girl's best friend. You can tie your hair up when your hair is getting in the way. You can use it to secure random things... As essential as hair ties/rubber bands are, they're also super easy to carry around. Just slap a hair tie around your wrist like a bracelet and put a few rubber bands into a pocket if you think you need them.

And... that's it! I've stripped down everything you usually put in your purse to just the bare essentials. Simple, right? But do you think I missed an important item? If so, comment below and let me know.

-Barista Mia-

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Why Gapping (Taking a Gap Year) Might Be a Good Thing

So I decided to not go to college this year, which pretty much sucks. I sooooo wanted to get away from Korea, but I guess I'll have to wait another year. Unfortunately, I can't afford to go to college, so I'm taking a gap year and will apply to a bunch of different schools next admissions round as I pray for a different result.

When I first came to the realization that I might have to take a gap year, I was extremely disappointed. I hated living in South Korea and I just couldn't wait until the day I could start ALL over. I even deactivated my current Facebook account so that I could make a new one in college. Yes, I was and still am that desperate to leave my current life behind. But the only option I have is to take a gap year. Thankfully, now that my head has cleared a little, I'm starting to see that gapping might be a good thing.

Because if you take a gap year...

You mature

Students who go straight from high school to college often lack the maturity needed in an independent environment like a university. Instead, those who take a gap year, learn so much about the world and acquire more wisdom during their time off.

You have a new story to share

You can share a story with your college friends a year or two later about your adventures of teaching ESL students, learning French in France, or going on a world expedition with a group of complete strangers. Whatever you do in your gap year, it's going to make for an interesting story to tell.

You learn more about yourself

When taking a gap year, you have the opportunity to do whatever you want with your life for an entire year. If you've never danced, you can dance. If you want to earn money, you can get a job. You'll find new interests, new hobbies, and you'll even learn more about your own personality and limits. This could help you so much when you finally enter college. You'll have a better idea of what you want to do or what you want to be.

You'll be more thankful for the opportunity to study

Research shows that students who take a gap year are more likely to not take their education for granted. Having this mindset, you're less likely to spend all your energy on partying and skipping classes and more energy on doing things that are actually productive. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll end up having no social life. What I mean is that you're more likely to have the wisdom to balance your social life with your academic life.

Besides these four benefits, there are so many more advantages to taking a gap year. So definitely consider it! It'll be fun and worthwhile :)

-Barista Mia-

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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I'm a horrible person when it comes to gifts. I never prepare birthday presents, Christmas presents, or the like, until the last minute. I know most people think of what to get their parents, boyfriends, best friends, etc. weeks or even months ahead, but my ADD brain isn't wired to do that. I procrastinate. Even when it comes to gifts. Thankfully, though, although I'm bad at buying gifts before D-Day, I've become a sort-of expert on buying last minute gifts.

So now that Mother's Day is on its way (already?!), I decided to share some last minute gift ideas for those of you who, well, forgot to buy her a present.

Flowers and a card

Okay, okay. Flowers are such a simple gift. But hear me out, okay? Have you ever met someone who hates flowers? No. Duh. Flowers are gorgeous, beautiful, and very easy to get by. No one can ever hate on them. But since flowers are so cheesy to give, write a card as well. A heartfelt card will make anyone's day.


A quick trip to the mall is all you need. You can never go wrong with jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings... it doesn't matter. Buy her something shiny and nice.

Cook for her

What's your mother's favorite meal? Bring out a cook book and cook it for her. Even if it turns out disgusting, it's the thought that counts. And I bet ya that your mom will think it's adorable. If you can actually cook the thing, that's even better. Mind, it doesn't have to be your mom's favorite meal, it can be anything tasty.

Do all of her chores for one day

How would you feel if all of your chores were done by someone else for a day? You'll feel refreshed, grateful, and happy, right? Right. So why don't you do all of your mom's chores for the day? It's a great idea and won't cost a cent.

Take her on a date

Watch a movie together and have dinner at a nice restaurant. Mothers love to spend time with their kids. Show her that you love her and that you care about her. It'll be an oh-so-special time you two can spend with each other.

So these are my last minute mother's gift ideas. Do you have any that you think I should add to the list?

-Barista Mia-

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Before Exams

It always happens to me. I feel absolutely fine the night before an exam, but I wake up with this sickening feeling. I don't know if applies to only me, but I have compiled a checklist of stuff to before an exam.

1) It goes without saying, get some good sleep. But I am surprised at the amount of my classmates who don't abide by this golden rule. It becomes quite easy to study into the early morning when you're running out of time, but there comes a point where enough is enough, and the best thing to do is get some sleep. Make sure you have multiple alarms ready and at least one family member prepared to get you out of bed by whatever means necessary if you're the type to sleep in.

2) But before you turn in for the night, make sure your bag is packed with everything and anything you might need. Pens, pencils, erasers, tippex, ruler, highlighters, calculator. Not only do you need to bring all this stationery, but there are other objects I find essential. Always bring water to the exam, being hydrated can make a world of difference. Also, bring a watch. I once made the mistake of assuming there would be a clock in the exam hall, but I was seated in the one seat in the hall where you couldn't see it!

3) Get up in the morning with plenty of time to relax. Eat whatever breakfast you prefer (for me this is cereal and coffee) and never even think of skipping this oh-so-important meal. Keep calm, double check your bag, and get dressed comfortably for the exam. Just don't try to cram stuff into your brain. If you're going to do any studying, make it tiny bits and pieces: rereading a story or poem for English, going over some math formulas. Nothing that'll stress you or put you in a panic.

If you've got an afternoon exam, try to not stress out. I, for one, have my maths exam in three hours and am feeling quite panicky. I'm just trying to kill time and not panic. As I find writing calming, I've been writing this to settle my nerves and use an extra half hour. In fact, my leftover time is now an adequate amount to get ready to get to school and take the exam. So anyway, for all of you who are about to take an exam... Good luck!

-Barista Ellen-

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3 TV Teen Comedy-Drama Series You Need to Watch

1. My Mad Fat Diary

This is one of my favorite series of all time. Actually, it is my favorite. It tells the story of Rachel “Rae” Earl, a teenage girl who struggles with many problems such as obesity and low self-esteem and writes a diary to keep herself together. This show will change your life. What Rae writes about will become your life motto.

This series hasn’t got any flaws. The cast is perfect, the dialogue is credible, the graphics are enjoyable... You have to watch it. Plus, there are amazingly hot guys that will break not only Rae’s heart but also yours. Don’t worry; there is always Finn to save the day. (God, that boy is handsome).

I have laughed, cried, thrown pillows at the screen and wasted a ridiculous amount of tissues while watching the show so, yeah, that’s how good it is.

Unfortunately, there are only thirteen episodes and it is unknown if there will be a third season. Personally, I don’t mind how it ended and I really don’t want this series to turn into those shows where great relationships are destroyed just to keep it interesting. On the bright side, the thirteen episodes won’t disappoint you. In fact, you might feel the urge to watch them over and over again. (Who doesn’t want to see Finn shirtless at least three times? P.S: Yes, I have an obsession with Finn. You will have it too if you watch the series.)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the series is set in Lincolnshire? Get ready to listen to that fantastic British accent. 

2. Awkward

Hello, America! Awkward is also a teen comedy series that focus on the life of another teenage girl, Jenna Hamilton, who attempts to commit suicide (actually, it was a mistake). This series is addicting, lovely and funny. You cannot contain a laugh while watching even one episode of this brilliant show.

As you can expect of this kind of genre, there are also handsome guys to make your heart melt. This series will brighten your day with genuine jokes and spontaneous characters. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind going to Jenna’s high school every day.

3. Misfits

And back to Britain! God, you guys are on fire. Misfits is a brilliant comedy series which follows the life of a group of young offenders who obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm.

It’s funny, painful, crazy... it’s everything you need.

So that’s my list, lovely people. Now, go get some popcorn and enjoy the series. (Have I already mentioned that Finn is really, really hot? I have? Wow. My obsession is growing strong.)

-Barista Alexandra-

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Sometimes, things just don’t seem to go your way. If anyone realized that lately, it’s me. I recently had a move, which would be hard enough in and of itself, but I was escaping a tough family situation, and am now living with someone I hardly know. Sounds fun, right? Maybe you’re not in the same situation but have been feeling really down lately. I’m just starting to learn, barely, what can get me going again.

For those of you in a similar situation, here are what has helped me get me back on my feet. Some of these things are going to seem counterintuitive, or even contradictory, but the thing is, different things work for different people, so I’m going to throw them all out there.

Music- happy, or sad

One night I was being all moody until my friend started playing Rainbow Bunchie. If you haven’t heard it, it’s the most cheerfully stupid song ever, accompanied by a bouncing rainbow... thing. For some reason it made me crack a grin and I had an instant mood whiplash, but the good kind.

But then again, sometimes, especially if you feel like you need your feelings to be validated, it’s helpful to listen to sad/angry/deep/dramatic music. Sometimes I feel too poopy to rock out to my favorite uplifting songs and I go temporarily emo (which I personally find is really fun, and a side of me I like to explore on occasion).  You might have to try a few different songs before finding out that fits your current mood.

Talk with your friends

Maybe you have a friend who you can tell EVERYTHING to, and who’ll give you awesome advice. That’s a really good thing, and I have a friend like this. But even if you’re friends are the type who would rather tickle attack you or play video games the entire time, just go with it. Even hanging out, not talking about anything important- or even not talking much at all- can really help. But if someone can actually help yousort out your problems, all the better.

Ask someone who is wiser than you

Speaking of advice, here’s a thought: especially if you’re young, your friends may very well not know what the heck they’re talking about. So as cliché as it may seem, going to someone older or more experienced can make a lot of difference. I’m not saying your friends don’t have good ideas- they might have great ones!- but it’s also good to check in with someone who’s had more life experience, like a parent/guardian, older relative or even a counselor, if you feel so inclined (they can be good because you don’t know them personally and they have confidentiality agreements). Sometimes even just having someone to listen to you, who doesn’t get ruffled by whatever mood you might be in (I always cry when things get really personal) can be really, really great.

Take your mind off it

Instead of lying in bed all day glaring at the ceiling, try getting up and doing something. Rock out to your favorite play list while you clean the house, or take a walk, or get some of your friends together and have a pizza party. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you stay safe and get your mind off things. If you can get something productive done somehow, like chores or a workout, you’ll feel even better. Which reminds me...

Seriously, try working out

The endorphins released from working out can improve your mood by a whole heap. And this isn’t just some science-y thing, I’ve felt this myself. If you aren’t used to working out, start out slow and gradually build up your exercise tolerance. You’ll be healthier and happier!

Smile. Just try it!

And if all of this doesn’t work, just remember: you WILL feel better sooner or later. Maybe it won’t be today, or maybe it won’t be this week- heck, life is hard and sometimes it really hurts!- but you’ll see the sunshine one day, and it may be sooner than you think, or at a time or place you don’t expect. I really like the song “Smile” by Vitamin C (yeah, I like old geeky music, lol). I was upset this morning and I have to admit, it’s hard NOT to cheer up at least a little when you hear a song telling you that yes, life is tough, but smile, okay?! And the best part is, if you DO smile, your body will be a little happier just from that simple act. So smile, even if it feels stupid. You might be surprised. Because life really is, in the end, one confusing but wonderful surprise after another. So try to enjoy the ride. I will.

-Barista Nicole-

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How To Wear Crop Tops

I can't believe summer is already on its way! I've been waiting for summer to arrive for the longest time. The heat, the sun, the beach, the scenery, and most of all, the crop tops. Seriously. I'm eagerly awaiting the day when it'll be warm enough for me to bare a little stomach skin.

Anyway, for those of you, like me, who are looking forward to wearing crop tops in the warm sun, here are some ways you can wear these beautiful fashion pieces:

Wear them with high-waisted shorts

Crop tops are cool and all, but that doesn't mean I want to bear every inch of my stomach to the world. No way, Jose. Instead, I wear a nice pair of high-waisted shorts and rock 'em.

Wear them with high-waisted skirts

Wearing crop tops with high-waisted skirts are by far my favorite combination of an outfit ever. They're super cute, versatile, and uber fashionable.

Wear them with overalls

Ah, overalls. I'm usually not a fan of these strange fashion statements, but when it comes to crop tops... yes, please! Crop tops and overalls are a match made in heaven.

Wear a cami underneath

With my boxier crop tops, I tend to wear a cami underneath them for a little summer layering. It's super fun, cute, and less revealing. I personally have a black and white striped boxy crop top that I like to wear over my hot pink or black cami.

-Barista Mia-

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It's finally spring!

I know those of you who live in the Southern Hemisphere won't be thinking the same thing, but for us up here in the north, winter has finally been banished. And aren't we glad! The cold may be nice for a while but it doesn't take long for me to start missing the heat.

With the warm weather arriving, try to make the most of it and be outside as much as possible. Even though it's revision and exam time for most of us, the change in weather can still make a positive difference to our textbook-saturated lives.

Everyone knows you need little breaks in revision. Instead of using these to go online and get carried away by something on Facebook or by a texting conversation, go into the garden or somewhere you can get fresh air. It will clear your head and help you concentrate better when you have to get back to work.

I also like to do my schoolwork out in the garden whenever I can. A pretty, sunny atmosphere is better for studying in than a gloomy, cold one.

When you do have time, go for a walk. Especially if you're one of the many who are feeling depressed or down, I guarantee this will cheer you up more than staying inside playing video games!

What are your favourite thing to do once the warmer seasons come? How do you make the most of them? Let us know in the comments!

-Barista Sabita-

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Book Charater Deaths I Never Got Over

Do not read if you haven't read Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse, Mockingjay or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I really don't want to be the one to spoil them for you.

Our favourite book characters sometimes die. It wouldn't be right if they all made it out alive. But thankfully, over time the sadness fades, an example of this is Dumbledore's death: we were all upset at first, but the fact that he was dead settled in our minds and we got over it. There are deaths, however, that you just don't ever get over and you still feel sad when you think about them.

***Spoiler Alert***

1) Bianca di Angelo

In the world of Percy Jackson, I guess Bianca was a fairly minor character but she still managed to become one of my favourites before she became the series's first fatality (not counting monsters or Gabe) thirteen chapters into the book she made her first appearance in. I, for one, spent the rest of the book believing she was still alive, which is one of the reasons that I, six books on, still haven't gotten over her death. I can't believe Rick Riordan killed such a young, innocent character.

2) Primrose Everdeen

Another young, innocent character whose death still haunts me. Throughout the Hunger Games series, I found similarities between the Everdeen sisters and my sister and I. I'm dark haired like Katniss while my sister's blonde and pale like Prim. We even have the same age gap. So when I was reading the books, in my head, Prim looked like my sister. Imagine watching your sister blown to smithereens. Not pretty; even inside your head. I am not embarrassed to say I cried for an hour after reading that Prim had died. I still haven't gotten over this death because I can't comprehend my sister dying at thirteen, particularly as she's twelve now.

3) Fred Weasley

Sorry guys. It's kinda my fault that Fred died. Back in 2007, my dad was reading the Deathly Hallows to me (if you're wondering why my dad was giving me bedtime stories when I was ten, you never heard his Hagrid voice) my then six-year-old sister overheard Dobby's death and I had to comfort her. I said "it's okay, at least we've still got Fred and George, they're great!"
And we all know what happened after that.
By the time Fred died, I was so used to characters dying I never shed a tear. But thinking back, he's the one death I never got over. I'll think about the wonderful world J.K Rowling gave us and I'll think of all the antics of the Weasley twins. Then I'll remember, that that ended. There are no Weasley twins anymore, there's only George. Oh god, I'm starting to cry now, why J.K? Why?

-Barista Ellen-

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Make-Up Essentials

I am personally a big makeup lover, but the problem is, I don't have enough money in my pocket to get all the makeup products that I want. I'm restricted to getting solely those makeup products that I actually need. I know that there are many other teens like me out there, so I decided to share what I believe are the make-up essentials every girl should have in her makeup bag.


I always buy foundation with SPF, but that doesn't mean I'm still a little wary of how many sun rays might hit my skin. So for a little extra protection for my face, I put on some suncream before I put on foundation. Better safe than sorry.




I honestly couldn't live without concealer. I get pretty bad under eye circles and some parts of my skin need a little extra covering up. Concealer is a savior for those who need to cover up those pesty imperfections.


Powder is literally something I cannot live without. Powder smooths out my face, powder makes sure I avoid that horrible shiny-face-syndrome, powder sets my foundation and concealer, and powder just makes everything look perfect. Powder is the best finishing touch for every girl's makeup look.


A little color on your skin can go a long way. In Korea, it's in vogue for students to slap on a whole heap of foundation that is two shades lighter than their skin and wear absolutely no color on their cheeks. It honestly looks super scary and unflattering. Blush is a must, people. Those rosy cheeks will give so much life to your skin.

Eyelash curler

If you're blessed with naturally curled lashes, good for you! I, and millions of other girls, on the other hand, are not so lucky. But thank goodness for eyelash curlers!


This is the first makeup product every girl gets and for good reason. Mascara really opens up the eyes and makes you looks more awake. Mascara is a must have in every girl's makeup bag for sure.


Eyeliner is what puts a little more glamour into your makeup look. Seriously, a little eyeliner can go a long way. Besides, eyeliner also accentuates the shape of your eyes and makes them appear bigger and more open (similar to mascara).

Neutral eyeshadow palette

You have the greens, the blues, the pinks, but what you REALLY need in your makeup bag is the neutrals. Neutral eyeshadow goes with every outfit and with every look. You can't live without a neutral eyeshadow palette.


What's a makeup look without any color on your lips? I am a bigger fan of lipstick than lipgloss as I love the matte look of lipstick, but both lipstick and lipgloss perfects your makeup look to a T. Lip color is a must have.

So these are my make-up essentials. What are yours?

-Barista Mia-

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My Top Chick Flick Picks

I've been really into chick flicks recently. Yes, I've already had my fair share of chick flicks before, but I've started to get super crazy about them nowadays. I've been watching one chick flick every two days now. Any more than that, I get a headache, which is a shame 'cause I really would love to watch chick flicks more often. But anyway, through this recent chick flick binge, I've accumulated a list of the best chick flicks ever, AKA the chick flicks everyone should love.

So here are my top chick flick picks that you can't miss.

Mean Girls

No chick flick list is ever complete without this classic.

10 Things I Hate About You

I watched this movie just yesterday and oh. My. Gosh. Wow. This movie is the cutest and most perfect little thing ever.

She's The Man

Amanda Bynes is a genius. I'm serious. She's funny, adorbs, and totes perfect for the role as soccer-loving Viola.

Pitch Perfect

This movie just might be my favorite of this entire list. And do I even need to explain why?

Miss Congeniality

A butt-kicking Miss USA candidate? Count me in.

Legally Blonde

With its perky main character, amazing law case that can only be solved by someone like Elle Woods, and wow-some ending, if you don't like Legally Blonde, something's wrong with you.


Clueless is called the Mean Girls of the '90s for a reason. It's 97 minutes of literal perfection.

The Devil Wears Prada

This is the movie that introduced me to the wonderful world of chick flicks. It's pure amaze-balls.

So what do you think of my list? Are there any movies that I missed out?

-Barista Mia-

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Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships. What's with that voice in the back of your head, or coming from someone else, saying that these are pointless? Sure, there are some reasons why this can be the case, but not always.

Many people consider having a boyfriend or girlfriend hundreds of miles away whom you can't see to be a waste of time. You can't go out with them, you can't kiss them or hold their hand. You can only ever see them on video-chat. And personally, although I have a long distance boyfriend, I have telephonophobia, and video-chat is like the telephone but with added motion picture torture, so that's that option out the window.

Does the relationship suffer, though? No, it doesn't. Texting is more than enough and some great conversations can be had on it. I have texted and written to people I've never seen in real life for so long that it's second nature to me now.

There are lots of things you can do in a relationship over the Internet, phone, etc. If you do like live calls, they can be great fun (or so I'm guessing!). You can play a game such as truth or dare, would you rather, or two-truths-and-a-lie (in which you give three facts about yourself, one of which is false, and your partner has to guess which one that is). You can watch a movie at the same time. You can send each other things through the post. Plus, of course, you can make plans to meet up in real life some day.

How do you know they're not cheating on you? My advice is to only enter a relationship if you are able to trust the person so much that there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that they are not. This way you'll never have to worry and you can be sure of their dedication.

If you are worried about not being able to see someone you're so close to, think about the idea of believing in God or gods. If you are a believer you probably look to God as a friend as well as a judge and a helper. Even though you can't exactly take Him out for a pizza, if you really believe strongly enough, He's always there, somewhere in the sky above the treetops (that's where I look when I need to talk to Him, anyway!) You can't see Him, but you know there's someone out there who knows you and cares about you.

So, what do you think about long distance relationships? Are you in one, and what is your experience with it? Let us know in the comments!

-Barista Sabita-

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The Le Teen Café Review Corner: Divergent (The Movie)

Remember when I wrote that post about why you should join the Divergent fandom? If I had to write that again, I would not include the movie. I hate being a hater. I seriously do, but this movie wasn’t fantastic or good. It was just okay. And I’m not saying this because I had big expectations; in fact I knew, since I had read the book, that the adaptation was going to be difficult. Then, why did I not like the movie?

In my opinion, the screenplay was terrible. Consequently, the romance between Tris and Four seemed a little bit to childish and corny. On the other hand, I did like the cast, but they couldn’t do any better with that script. Shailene as Tris was a great pick and Ashley Judd was fantastic. Their relationship was one of the best things about the movie. It was credible and sweet but it couldn’t make up for the mistakes that existed in the dialogues between Tris and Four. I actually laughed in the cinema at some lines.

As I said before, the casting choices were absolutely perfect. Many people say that Jai Courtney as Eric was a horrible choice but I honestly think that they are wrong. Jai was wonderful. He nailed his character. There are no better words to describe how I enjoyed his performance.

There’s one thing that I definitely loved about this movie: the way they captured the post-apocalyptic world.  Chicago, the hometown of the main character, Tris, looked stunning and breathtaking. Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for a better setting. The fence looked spectacular and I love the Dauntless’s headquarters. Also, I loved how we can see the differences between the five factions, especially how you immediately fall in love with the Dauntless faction and you want to become part of this wild family (even if they are completely nuts).

This movie had everything to be amazing, but the writers failed and that ruined the whole thing. I also noticed that sometimes the movie was really slow, it almost became boring. This was a serious issue because I paid more attention to their lines and I could immediately spot the mistakes on the screenplay. Nevertheless, there was a big contrast between the beginning of the movie and the end. The beginning looked like a sloth and then, bam!, the sloth turned into a cheetah. It wasn’t consistent. And by the way, the fight scenes were stunning.

Overall, in a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this movie a solid 6. The graphics looked fantastic, the casting was excellent, but the script and the lack of coherence ruined the movie. I hope they change the writers for the next movie. Oh, and they need to work out the chemistry between Four and Tris.

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Divergent (movie) poster


Book Series Every Potterhead Should Read

I'm a Potterhead. And honestly, it's super disappointing that I have no more Harry Potter books to look forward to. Right now I'm suffering from Harry Potter withdrawal. I mean, don't get me wrong, rereading the HP series is great. You can't get tired of those seven ah-mazing books. But there are times when I just need something new. So what are some other book series that Potterheads like me might like?

Anything and everything by Rick Riordan

They don't call Rick the J.K. Rowling of America for nothing. His books are genius. Read his Percy Jackson series, the Heroes of Olympus series, and the Kane Chronicles. His writing is pure amaze-balls, the action is whoa, the characters are super duper loveable, the premise is just wow... Rick's books are everything good about the Harry Potter series.

Septimus Heap

It's got that kid with extraordinary magical powers. It's got seven amazing books that spans seven adventure-filled years. Oh, and it's got its own movie on the way. And guess which film studio is producing the movie(s): Warner Bros! Just like Harry Potter.

Artemis Fowl

A young hero, well, actually more like a young genius, magic, mystery, weird names, adventure, aaaannndd... Artemis Fowl is also going to become a movie. And guess what one of the screenwriters wrote? The screenplay for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!

There are a whole bunch of other book series that you can read, but these would be my top three. If none of these are your type, keep hunting. Your next series obsession is out there somewhere!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan


My Study Foods

I’m on the Easter Holidays, AKA study break (insert unenthusiastic cheer) and of course at some point during the vast piles of past papers, hunger will come. I have listed the foods I personality eat during studying, for my own personal reasons; no research has been done into what foods are beneficial, etc. (in fact some are pretty unhealthy).

1)      Tea

Yeah this is a drink, not a food but I drink so much of it during my study sessions. I don’t like drinking multiple cups of coffee in the day and hot chocolate can become a bit too sickly during studying so tea is the best option. I know, writing this, I sound so British, but I personally don’t know where that stereotype came from –I’m British and most people I know are coffee drinkers (if you know where it comes from tell me).

2)      Sherbet Lemons

I don’t come from a big, sweet eating house and chances are when we do have a bag of sweets it’ll usually be sherbet lemons. Don’t ask why. So when I want a sweet to suck on during my studies, this will be what I turn to. Plus you can pretend to be Dumbledore (Dumbledore loves them, remember?) with them and perhaps that Dumbledore-ish vibe will enter into studying.

3)      Tinned spaghetti

Back in primary, when I went home for lunch, I would have tinned spaghetti. So during study break, this is how I like to replicate this meal: Cheese melted in, burned bits at the edges and toast chopped into triangles. Lazy, quick food makes me remember I’m only on a lunch break and I have to get back to schoolwork pronto.

-Barista Ellen-

Image: Laurel F


5 Female Characters That Make Game of Thrones the Best TV Show Ever

Valar Morghulis! How is everybody doing? I’m so excited since Season 4 of the HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones has started! I thought it would be a fantastic idea to talk about one of the things this series has that makes it such a gripping show: the female characters. I had a hard time making this list owing to the fact that George R.R. Martin created many female leaders and all of them are absolutely brilliant. I mean, I had to cut out Shae (yeah, I know, I’m a terrible human being), Osha (she was one my favorites), Lady Catelyn Stark (It’s still difficult to talk about her after the Red Wedding, you have to understand. That episode broke all kinds of hearts), Ygritte (I know nothing!) and many others...

Still, I had to think of who the fans love and who plays better the game. So, here they are, the top five.

5. Brienne of Tarth

You will never meet someone as loyal as her. She is a strong but emotional character at the same time. Brienne is unique and a fighter; plus, she refuses to have the typical female role that women of Westeros have. Therefore, she places number 5 on the list. I just couldn’t cut her off.

4. Arya Stark

Everybody loves brave and curious Arya Stark. Like Brienne, she is a fighter and she intends to become something more than a wife. She has to be ruthless in order to survive and to get her revenge.

3. Margaery Tyrell

This character came out of nowhere to become one of the game’s best players. Should we trust her? We might never know, but we sure love her! She gets along with the minorities but she intends to become the Queen. She won’t stop till she gets what she wants.

2. Sansa Stark

Remember the first time we saw her? Oh man, we hated her but she has since become more than we could ever have imagined. She grew up, learned that the world isn’t a fairy tale and became a survivor. She is no longer the little brat we knew.

1. Daenerys Targaryen

Do I need to explain why she is the best female character on TV? Her children are Dragons and she ate a whole heart. Need I say more?

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Game of Thrones title card


The Voice UK 2014

I'm normally a massive fan of The Voice UK, but this year kind of started going downhill from the Knockouts, if you ask me. And it didn't really stop going that way.

The moment Jai McConnell was sent home after her Knockout performance, I seriously started questioning whether the judges were getting bored after three years or not paying enough attention, or maybe drunk. I loved Jai.

She wasn't the only exceptionally good one they got rid of too early. Most people were expecting Jessica, Anna, Jazz and many more to go through to the live rounds, but they didn't. Let's have a look at some of these singers and their awesome voices.


Jessica Steel auditioned last year but got no turns, then tried again this year and had all the coaches begging for her to pick them. (This exact thing happened in Seasons 1-2 with another singer, and she was more successful in the long run.) Pity it didn't work so well this time; after specially promising to fight for her, Will neglected her in the battle. Ricky "stole" her but didn't bring her through the next round, either.


Out of everyone who auditioned this year, Anna's is probably the only music I would actually buy. I have a soft spot for folk, not to mention folk sung by such a sweet voice, not even to mention folk played along with that infamous harp. It would have been brilliant if she had been in the finals, but alas! Didn't happen.


As I said, I fell in love with Jai's blind audition and fell asleep with the YouTube video of it on repeat for the next several nights. Although her singing style wasn't quite as unique as people said it was (Luciee Marie sounded very much like her!) it was captivating to listen to. Plus she's Irish, like me.


Sophie was the only one who in my opinion got as far as she deserved. She was the one who walked, talked and sang Vintage. Who doesn't love "Moon River"? Sophie got to the Live Semi-Finals. Hooray!


Now I'm not just saying this but *whispers* I had expected that Jermain would win, out of all the finalists.'s been coaching for three seasons and not won yet, so it was about time he did. Jermain is a retro singer too, but no match for Sophie, if you ask me.

So, now this series of The Voice UK is over, I wonder how our winner will do with his debut and whether things will be better next year! What did you think of the series? What were your highlights and worst bits?

-Barista Sabita-

Image: The Voice logo


Writing Short Stories: A Quick Guide

There is NOTHING more horrendously frustrating than wanting to write something, anything, but not having a clue how to. It's time to grab those fragments of sentences, vague ideas, and a pen. Piecing together a good story is not as hard as it looks. Here's how to do it...

-A good starting point would be to decide what your narrative is going to be about. Come up with a genre, and possibly a few themes you would like to include in your story.

-This could then give you an idea of the setting. What era will your story be set in? Where? Will it be set in an alternate reality? It's all up to you! If you have a particular time period in mind, maybe it would be a good idea to do a little background research on it, so your writing can be realistic (if, of course, that's that you're aiming for). If it's set in a fantasy world, get creative and make sure your are descriptive, so that the readers can picture the setting themselves.

-It's time to think of a main character, a protagonist. It might be a good idea to write down a quick description of them- their qualities, habits, interests... Also, try to picture them. Drawing them might help bring them to life. Once you have a protagonist, you might want to consider thinking about an antagonist- the character opposing your main character. This is optional, but if you decide to include one in your story, think of their relationship to your main character and maybe how you could create contrast between the two. After you've done this, you might find it easier to come up with secondary characters. Think of a narrator and decide what tense you want to write in.

-Now, write up a vague plot. This can easily be changed as you work through the narrative; the story might begin to write itself, but create a quick summary beforehand so you don't find yourself banging your head against the desk in sheer frustration. Think of a beginning, middle and end for your story. If you want to go into more depth, follow this structure: exposition, rising action, crisis, climax, falling action, and resolution. However, structure isn't always set in stone- this is just a guide.

-It's almost time to start writing. It's a good idea to note down a few words you'd like to use, just so you don't find yourself giving up due to a lack of vocabulary. And a piece of advice- THE THESAURUS IS YOUR FRIEND.

-Now, WRITE! If you get stuck, power through- you can edit it once you have finished. Think about getting some second opinions too, be open to constructive criticism- it will only make your work better.

There you have it! Remember: You can do this in any order. It's completely fine if you find yourself picturing the perfect setting for your story before you can think up a main character. Also, narratives are all different. You might not want to focus on one particular character, or setting. It's all up to you. Happy writing!

-Barista Ria-

Image: Nicole April


Choosing a School

Okay. With all our college acceptances in our back pockets, it's now time to choose which school to attend for the next four years of our lives. But how the heck do we do that?

List out the pros and cons of each school

List out everything that matters to you from the social atmosphere to sports to professors and classes... Write down every reason you would want to attend each school and write down every reason you wouldn't want to attend each school.

(Re)Visit the schools on your list

Visiting schools does wonders. It can help you like a school even more or it could help you like a school a little less. Either way, it can help you to reshape your college list.

Compare the aid awards

How much you pay for a school can impact your entire future. No school, not even the best school in the world, is worth ending up in deep debt. Only keep the schools that are actually financially feasible on your list. Say good-bye to the rest.

Keep your end goal in mind

If your goal is to get to medical school, it's a good idea to pick the cheapest option of all your schools (medical school can get hecka expensive). And it's probably a pretty bad idea for a premed student to go to a school with grade deflation. GPA is important when applying to med schools, after all. Just like this, keep your end goal in mind and compromise with it. Don't veer off track.

Good luck with finding the right school!

-Barista Mia-


Introducing: ClothesEncounters

I'm a YouTube freak. I'm always hanging around this site and, as a result, I stumble across new YouTubers constantly. Unfortunately, a lot of these users aren't really blog post-worthy. But a couple weeks ago, I came across this YouTuber called ClothesEncounters. She, as you can probably tell by her username, is a fashionista. She loves clothes, she dresses really well, and she has tips all over her YouTube account. I love watching her videos to pick up fashion tips. She's awesome. The best part is that short people, like me, can pick up her tips without the fear of appearing even shorter than usual. Jenn, AKA ClothesEncounters, is only 5'1.

I thought it would be great to introduce you guys to her, so here are some of my favorite videos from her channel:

Jenn knows exactly how to dress for different types of people. She's literally a fashion genius. I love her outfits and ideas.

I'm from Korea and I swear I've never even heard of some of these places/festivals. Boo. Tourists get all the fun. On another note, once again, I lurve her outfits. Her fashion style is so cute.

Not exactly fall right now (more like spring), but I seriously love Jenn's stuff in this video.

A spring version of the huge fall haul video.

This is one of Jenn's more popular videos. It's ironic 'cause her channel focuses more on fashion than makeup, but whatevs. She'd make a cool makeup guru too

I hope you enjoyed these videos. You can check out more of her stuff on her YouTube channel clothesencounters.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Jenn's Twitter


Countries With The Best Food

Ugh. I feel so horrible. I haven't been posting in LTC for the longest time ever! I had an absolutely horrible week and I'm still bawling my eyes out at everything that has happened. Now enough complaining about my life. I want to talk about... food. 'Cause we all know that food makes EVERYTHING better. Oh, and to make things even better, should we talk about both food AND travelling? Almost everyone wants to travel one day (including me) and for some of us, one of the top reasons for travelling is for the delicious food that we'll get to taste on our little adventures. So which countries out there have the best food ever?


France has everything from champagne to cheese to bread and even snails. France has it all. French food is versatile and awesome. They have every taste, every meal, to fill up every stomach. By the way, many of the world's famous chefs have studied at France.


I believe there's only ONE country in the world that can actually compete with France in terms of food and that's Italy. I personally adore Italian food more than I like French food. Their pizza, gelato, pasta, risotto, tiramisu cakes, wine... Italy has some of the world's favorite foods. No one can pass over Italian food like it's nothing. Just a little taste of Italian food will feel like food heaven.


Indian food is one of the more exotic foods on my list. Ever since my parents took me to Indian restuarants as a kid, I've absolutely fallen in love. Indian food is spicy, sweet, tasty... everything. You have not lived until you have tried Italian food. There are a whole variety of Indian food to try out, but one thing defines it all: their delicious spices that literally make your taste buds shudder in delight.


Ah, Mexican food. I've got to confess that I haven't had my share of Mexican food until last year. Seriously. I don't know how I survived without the spicy, pure deliciousness of Mexican food. Tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas... Though I've never been to visit Mexico, I've been told that their street food is also to die for.


The best part about going to Turkey for food is that EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, tastes good. It doesn't matter if you eat a meal that costs, like, a penny (an exaggeration, but you know what I mean), it'll taste good. Besides, Turkey is surrounded by three seas, which means there's a full variety of fish to taste. Mmm. Oh, and how can I not mention Turkish delight?

Did you notice that I haven't put much Asian food on my list? Well, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Chinese food is great. They're amazing, in fact. But, as an Asian, well, I've kind of grown tired of Asian food (not Indian, though. I could never get tired of Indian food). But for those of you who want to have a taste of Asian food, you should definitely visit Japan, Korea, Thailand (definitely try ALL the Thai fruits as well. Yum.), and China.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Arnaud DG


The Best Types of Therapy

Sometimes, we get a little too stressed out and we find that we absolutely need to get something done about our messed-up thought lives. This is where therapy comes in. It's not really necessary for you to barge into a therapist's office and demand for some talking time unless, of course, you really feel like you need professional help. Instead, for those of you who just need some relaxation, here are the best types of therapy that is both accessible and cheap.


Ah, music. Blissful music. Music can work to calm people down. I was having a very hard day yesterday, so I decided to listen to a whole heap of inspirational songs. And guess what? I feel so much fresher and so much better than I did the day before.

Write it all out

Writing is GREAT therapy. It's a scientific fact. Write down all your thoughts onto a piece of paper and let out all of your feelings into words. Translating your thoughts and feelings in a way that is actually tangible can make you feel so much better as you understand exactly why you're feeling so horrible.

Sing some songs

This is similar to the first tip except that you're actually going to sing the songs instead of just listening to them.

Go somewhere remote and nature-y and scream

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This helps. Really. I've tried it countless times and releasing all those emotions with a loud shout can be a real relief. Just ask Zac Efron (HSM3, anyone?).

P.S. Sorry that I've only been posting downer posts recently. But I'll be back tomorrow with a more fun post for y'all to read.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Rebecca L


Senioritis: The Cures

So after writing that post about having senioritis, I decided to Google for some reliable ideas on getting over senioritis quickly before I fail a subject or do something I'll regret for the rest of my life. I had tried different methods beforehand as I noted in my previous post, but those hadn't worked. These new tips, though, I haven't tried yet. So in case they DO actually work to heal senioritis, I decided to share these cures with you.

Do something new

One reason seniors get senioritis is that they fall into a routine and everything just seems so boring. So do something new with your life. Play a new sport, take up a new hobby, take a trip to the beach, whatever... The novelty will make everything seem fresh and cool to you.

Guide the freshmen

Be a role model. Show them the ropes of how to handle high school. Tell them how to balance fun and work in a way that really works. Teach them what foods are edible in the cafeteria and what aren't. It's not every year when you're the oldest and wisest in school.

Hang out with others that have a bad case of senioritis

That way, you guys can suffer together. Just kidding! Surrounding yourself with people who understand exactly what you're going through will make you feel heaps better. And who knows? Maybe you can all push yourselves to get out of that sucky trench called senior year. Of course, this can all backfire and maybe you'll end up motivating each other to get even worse senioritis haha. To make a long story short, be cautious with this tip.


This is the traditional cure for senioritis. And yes, there's absolutely no doubt that this cure works. It's worked for millions of high school seniors. So if the above tips don't end up working for you, I guess you'll have to wait till graduation, which actually isn't too far away.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Tammy McGary


The Fear of Talking To Guys

I must admit that I’m not the most optimistic person in the world. I find negative aspects in every situation which means that most of the time, I’m afraid to step out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to talking to cute guys. Some of you may feel the same way.

There are a few things I have learned in my short life. Firstly, friends are amazing. Secondly, friends will humiliate you when they please, which means basically every second of your day. Thirdly, real friends listen. What I’m trying to say is that you should talk about your fears with your friends and they will certainly help. For example, my friends have come up with a great idea to make me do things I would otherwise never do. We make bets all the time. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to include money. Most of the time, we dare someone to do what she is too shy to do. This helped me to finally get the courage to talk to this great guy. And guess what? I’m still alive! (Just kidding, I’m still dying of embarrassment)

Of course, being embarrassed is part of the process and it only helps to make the experience fun and exciting.

There are other things you could do. For example, if the situation involves any social network, you can just ask a friend to do it for you! That way, you will just have to shout “OMG” a million times while your friend is doing all the work. Pretty simple, right?

If it involves actually talking to someone, try to find him or her alone and then ask your friends to push you. That way, you will feel obligated to talk to that person.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. All these situations involve an overdose of emotional feelings that will probably make you want to hide in the other part of the world forever. But look at the positive side: it’s better to do it than regretting not doing it.

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Ignat Gorazd


Senioritis: The Symptoms

I don't know if you've noticed, but I used to put up one blog post per day here at LTC, but recently, I've been more lazy about posting blog posts. Why? Well... I have senioritis. I can't find the motivation to do anything anymore. I just can't wait to graduate. I wish there was something I could do, but all I can do is wait for this stupid, lazy feeling to fade away. I've tried everything to motivate myself, but it's just not working. I just want to lie in my bed and stay there until senior year is over. But alas, that isn't something I can do. I can only wait. For those of you who also have senioritis... hang in there, guys! We can get through this together.

Just for fun's sake, I decided to list the various symptoms associated with senioritis.


"Ain't nobody going to get me out of my bed today."

Physical decay

"Sweatpants and sweatshirts are my life. I don't even remember why I used to stress about getting changed for school. As for showers? Meh."

A lack of motivation

"Oh, yeah. I forgot that I had that paper due today. *stares at blank doc for two hours* Whatever. I'm not doing this."

A dismissive attitude

"Homework. Who the heck cares?"


"Ohhhh right. I forgot all about that musical rehearsal LOL... I was in the computer room looking for prom dresses."


"I'm basically living on caffeine, but even still, I'm finding it so hard to focus on anything at all. Everything's just a fuzzy blur. *snores*"

Recognize yourself in this blog post? I do. Well, I better get back to rocking back and forth in my chair as I wait for graduation day. Blech.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Incase


Things To Do Before You Graduate High School

Now I think I've already mentioned a billion times in previous posts that I am currently a high school senior applying to colleges in the US. Well, I wanted to take a break from all this stressful college stuff and decided to focus on high school, where I am right now.

Here are the things EVERY high school student should do before graduating:

Start a band

Come on! Everyone's dreamed of starting a band and jamming along to tunes and, y'know, participating in competitions and stuff. It doesn't matter if you sound horrible. The point of starting a band is to have fun.

Play a sport

No one. I repeat, NO ONE should sit still on their lazy bums and do nothing. Everyone should go out and play a sport. You can make amazing friends and have some of the best experiences of your life.

Get straight A's for at least one semester

It doesn't matter if you're naturally a C student or something. Work your butt off for just ONE short semester and get those elusive A's. It'll be fun to boast to people that you once got straight A's.

Get your driver's license

Now here's one item in the high school bucket list that I haven't accomplished yet. I have no money or time. Sobs. You people who are able to get driving licenses, think yourself lucky.

Go camping with your friends

Ah, memories. Going camping, starting a camp fire, eating marshmallows, playing around with fireworks... What's a better way to spend your vacations than among your friends and nature?

Ask your crush out

You heard me. Suck it up like a big girl and ask your crush out. You'll regret it if you don't. And if he ends up rejecting you, shrug it off. He's not worth it.

Go to prom

I seriously cannot wait for this year's prom. I couldn't go last year due to stupid SATs, but this year, nothing's going to stop me from dressing like a princess for the night! Prom is something EVERY high school student should experience whether you have a date or not.

Be weird

Yes, be weird. You won't have many excuses to be weird when you're older, so do it all now when you're young and free! After all, you're only young once.

-Barista Mia-

Image: rik-shaw


No Makeup!

Makeup is so common these days. Everyone (with rare exceptions of a few very individualistic girls who usually go to Steiner schools or something) wears makeup. I say this with surprise because I come from a "natural-is-good-makeup-is-evil" kind of background myself.

Even now I spend most of my time without a single makeup product on. When I go out, whether I put any on depends only on how much time I have to do so.

It is fun to layer on the blusher, eyeshadow and lip gloss like crazy when you have a big party to go to or are doing it as a sleepover activity. Putting pretty makeup on can also be a fun and calming thing to do when you're on your own. It can be rather like art therapy- it's pretty and enjoyable, and something you can get really good at.

However, I think it's a shame when girls feel like they have to have some kind of artificial coverage on their face at all times in order to feel complete. The belief that people actually care about it dominates them.

Often the difference between how you look makeupless and your natural look are too big not to be very noticeable, and if you went out without anything on your face one day people would notice the change. We're used to our made-up look, that's why we can easily begin to feel uncomfortable and bare without it.

But it doesn't have to be like that. You have probably heard it said a million times over that natural is beautiful, and it is- just in a different way to the heavy paintedness we're bombarded with in magazines, TV shows, and on the Internet. Try it- to get used to it, first just wear a little of the products that really make a change to your appearance, such as eyeliner, and gradually lessen it to even less, and finally nothing.

As many of you will have seen from the influx of special no-makeup selfies being posted on Facebook at the moment, there is a campaign going on in which you get sponsored to do this. The money goes to cancer research.

What better a way to start ditching the cosmetics and helping charity at the same time? Others aren't going to judge you, especially if they're also doing it themselves!

My own no makeup selfie

-Barista Sabita-

Image: Lexie Terry, Barista Sabita


Easy Breakfast

Most of us don't have time to have breakfast. We know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but with waking up taking about 30 minutes and choosing clothes taking another 30 minutes, plus makeup, packing bags and all that stuff, it's really hard to find time to stuff some food into our stomachs. But do not fear! There are many different types of breakfast you can have with very, very little (if any) preparation.


Just grab a fruit on your way to school or work and chomp it down. I personally like to have an apple for breakfast when I'm in a hurry. It's easy to eat and it fills me up.


A bowl, milk, and cereal. That's it. Cereal is simple, tasty, and healthy.


All you have to do is put a slice of bread in the toaster, grab your favorite jam (Nutella or blueberry jam for me!), spread your warm toast with the jam, and voila. Breakfast in a minute just for you.


The fun part about making smoothies is that you can dump whatever you want into the mixer. If you don't know what to do, dump in banana, vanilla ice cream, a lot of sugar, and some milk into the mixer and mix it up. It's really good! Smoothies are an easy and delicious breakfast to have for any busy day.


Ah, Starbucks. What will we ever do without it? Go to the nearest Starbucks and grab a bagel plus a drink to start your day. A perfect breakfast.

-Barista Mia-

Image: John Herschell


Reasons To Be a Nerdfighter

You might know who they are. By definition, nerdfighters are “people who instead of being made up of cells and organs and stuff are actually made out of awesome”. This community was started by Hank and John Green who are famous YouTubers and brothers. They have many channels, the most famous being Vlogbrothers.

So, why should you be a nerdfighter?

Firstly, Hank and John are amazing and, of course, pretty awesome. Besides being a YouTuber, John Green is a famous writer, mostly because of his book “The Fault in Our Stars” (If you haven’t read this book, you should definitely read it. Like, now.). He has other works such as “Looking for Alaska” and “Paper Towns”. But let’s not forget about our friend Hank Green. He is a great musician and he is the co-creator of the popular web series “The Lizzie Bennett Diaries” (If you haven’t watched this series, you should check it out).

Secondly, Hank and John make science, history, and any other boring subject, fun. I personally prefer their channel “Mental Floss” but they have other channels dedicated to science, and their main channel, VlogBrothers, also dedicates some of its videos to these subjects.

Being a nerdfighter is about decreasing worldsuck and increasing the amount of people made of awesome. Usually, nerdfighters are involved in many charity projects such as Project for Awesome (You can learn about this project here).

Most important of all: anyone can become a nerdfighter. Join the nerdfighteria here:

DFTA (Don’t forget to be awesome).

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: still from Vlogbrothers video


What To Do When You're Completely Burned Out

There are times when we just feel absolutely exhausted. We have no motivation to do anything and we feel like crawling into a ball and sleeping until we die. Unfortunately, this is not an option for many of us. We still have stuff to do no matter how annoying it is. So what are some things that we can do when we're utterly burned out and exhausted?


Sleep is the best medicine, they say. And it's true. When you're feeling burned out, rest your mind a bit. Give yourself some rest

Eat healthy

Believe it or not, but eating healthy can make even the laziest person in the world feel good. It's the same case for people who are burned out. Your head will feel lighter and you will feel happier after you start eating healthier.


Exercising really clears the mind in my opinion. When I'm feeling a little burned out, I always go outside with my badminton racket and play a game with someone.

Say no

One reason people get burned out is that they have way too many things on their plate. So when someone asks a favor or tells you to do something and you KNOW that doing that certain thing will put a lot more baggage on your shoulders, say no.

Don't give up

Feeling burned out isn't the end of the world no matter how much it feels like it. Don't give in to lack of motivation and don't accept defeat. After all, this is a battle between you and your mind. In the wise words of Dory, "Just keep swimming."

-Barista Mia-

Image: Michael Dorokhov


The Five Types of Jeans You Should Have

Skinny Jeans

Every girl needs a pair of skinny jeans in their closet. No girl can be complete without it. They go with literally every single thing! A lifesaver in fashion emergencies, for sure.

Print Jeans

You need to be extremely careful when you're picking out print jeans for you to wear. Make sure they fit you and your style and make sure they don't look like PJs on you. If you've got these tips under control, you'll have a fun pair of jeans to wear whenever you feel like going a little hyper with your style for the day.

Bootcut Jeans

They make your legs look long. End of story.

Color Jeans

I personally have electric blue jeans right now. Once, I had pink. Next, I think I want to go for mint green jeans. I really, really love colored jeans as you can see. They make a boring outfit look absolutely awesome.

High-Waisted Jeans

There. I said it. I know many people would want to burn these type of jeans, but I think there's a way to get them to work. First, make sure your butt fills in the back of your jeans. Second, work 'em.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Maria Morri


Waitlisted? What Should You Do?

Our first college decisions have started to arrive! This is an exciting process. I mean, all that waiting is finally over! At least, that's what we thought. Some of us open our decisions, our hearts beating like crazy, and what'd'ya know... we've been placed on the waitlist. A deluge of emotions start to wash over us. Relief, disappointment, and lastly, disbelief. We have to wait another two to three months for our final results?! Oh, heck no. But alas, this is our fate. But then, what can we do about this bubble called the waitlist? Is there anything we can do about it?

Well, first...

Express your interest in the school

Send an email to your regional admissions officer of the school(s) you've been waitlisted at. Make it heartfelt, but don't go overboard. Write about why you want to go to said college, program, or whatever. Basically, write a "Why This School" essay and send it.


Send updates

Keep in contact with your admissions officer. Whenever you get an A in something, receive a type of award... it's time to send an email. Don't become a pest though. You don't want your admissions officer thinking you're annoying, which gives him/her a reason to reject you in the end.

And finally...

Pretend it's a rejection and move on

Truth be told, getting off the waitlist is... difficult. Don't be overly optimistic and think that you have a great chance of getting in. Focus on your other schools instead. If you eventually get rejected, oh well. You've already moved on, so it won't matter for you anymore. And if you get accepted. Whoop! An awesome surprise just for you!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Stuart Fannon


How To Sleep Better

I'm probably one of the worst sleepers out there. I find it extremely difficult to fall asleep even though I am super tired. I just lie on my bed for hours, thinking about the meaning of life, my crush, and other weird stuff like that. Of course, to fix my dilemma, I tried so many different tricks and tips to fix my sleepless nights, and after three years of experimentation, I think I finally know which tricks and which tips work best in helping me to fall asleep.

Get cozy

Pretty straightforward, eh? But there's no better trick up there to help you fall asleep than to get cozy. It's pretty cold in my room, so I jump into my bed at night, crawl underneath my thick blanket, and make myself super comfortable in my bed.

Use up every inch of your energy

Sounds tiring? You bet! And that's the whole point. Go exercise, go run around on errands, go hang out with friends. Do everything that will make you exhausted by the end of the day so that you'll just collapse on your bed.

Set a wake up time and a bed time

Yeah, yeah. You're too old for that stuff, but guess what? Setting the time to go to bed and the time to get off the bed to start the day really help.

Don't be hungry

So I was on a diet a while back and I decided to eat absolutely nothing after six. Every night during that diet, I thought I would never be able to go to dreamland. All I could think about was how hungry I was and how many hours I had to wait til breakfast. In the end, I gave up on that particular diet. The lesson? Don't go to bed hungry.

Avoid drinking too much liquid in the evening

Do I really need to explain why?

-Barista Mia-

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How To Deal With The Green-Eyed Jealousy Monster

Jealousy is inevitable. I myself have felt it for two different reasons just this week. I'm not usually the type to get jealous as I have a pretty optimistic approach to life, but I just couldn't handle it this week. Sigh. First, one of my closest friends got accepted to a school that we both applied to, but I ended up getting waitlisted. I honestly was pretty happy about the waitlist as this is a top-tier school, but after hearing that my friend had gotten in... well, let's just say the green-eyed monster inside of me didn't really like it. Second... um... this is a more personal thing so I'll keep quiet about this one.

I hate feeling jealous. I really do. I feel nasty. I mean, why the heck am I jealous of my friend for getting in when I should be congratulating her from the bottom of my heart (I am happy that she got in, but the jealousy's messing up my emotions). Anyway, I looked for ways to kill the jealousy that is killing me inside and I came up with a list of tips. I feel heaps better now and hopefully, if you feel jealous about something right now, you will too.

Treat yourself

Go shopping, take a nice bath, whatever. Just make yourself happy so that you forget about who and what you're jealous of. There's one CON to this method, though: As soon as you're done treating yourself, there's a possibility that your jealousy might spew back out.

Count your blessings

A surefire way to stop your jealousy. Instead of focusing on what you DON'T have. Look at what you DO have.

Distract yourself

I distracted myself by reading a hundred different books. Okay. Not a hundred. But I did read three books so far.

Write, shout or sing it out

Believe it or not, but when you write, shout, or sing about how you're feeling and such, you're going to feel so much better.

Be nice to the person you are jealous of

*snort* Yeah, right. But seriously. When you're nice to the person you're jealous of, you're going to forget how jealous you are of him/her. Give that person a present, hang out with that person, strike a friendly conversation with that person. Make that person happy and you will be happy too as weird as that sounds.

-Barista Mia-

Image: MiraCosta Community College