Crazy Toast Toppings

Every morning I and countless others go through that dreary morning routine:
Wake up, drag yourself out of bed, stumble into the kitchen and lay up the toaster with bread. Some people prefer cereal and there are those who somehow skip breakfast all together but what keeps me going through the long school days is a strong cup of coffee and some good old toast. Now I am not a morning person so I need something that could make my morning better. Or worse. I decided to rake around the kitchen to make new toppings for toast. Who knows what they'll be like. Is there a taste revelation in the making?

1) Pickled onion

This is very different from my usual topping of sticky sweet jam. Better than expected, then again I just LOVE pickled onion. I could actually eat it again. It is seriously good!

2) Hot Dog

Not as weird but still tasty, just like a hotdog in a bun which basically what it is. I think the idea of hotdog for breakfast sounds so unhealthy that I'll not use this one again.

3) Chilli sauce

A piece of advice. When attempting to lightly  pour  chilli sauce on your toast, if you spill it all over it DO NOT EAT IT! In fact, don't eat it at all. It's disgusting.

That's enough concoctions for me, the real surprise today was that pickled onion on toast actually tastes nice. If you don't believe me, try it. It's good enough for a taste revelation. Put some pickled onion on your toast and spread the word!!!

-Barista Ellen-

Image: John McClumpha