The Writers

Chief Barista Mia

Twitter: MiaYKim

My name is Mia, I’m eighteen and I absolutely adore art and culture. I currently live in South Korea, but I am planning to move to America for college next year, which I am super excited for. I love shopping, midnight snacks (though I should probably cut down on that), movies, hot dudes, travelling, dancing, among a billion other things. Interestingly, I actually don’t hate studying. I find learning a very nourishing experience *ducks underneath a table*. As I noted, I love to travel, so I hope to travel the entire world one day. If I had to choose, though, my number one country to visit would be Italy because of its culture, food, and people. Hopefully, I'll meet my future husband there, get married, have kids, and tend to my vineyard. Heh. A girl can dream, right? On top of meeting my husband, I also dream of seeing a novel I've written on the shelves of Barnes and Nobles one day.

Barista Sabita

Twitter: sabitaburke

I'm Sabita, I'm fifteen, and I live in England. Some things I love are Taylor Swift, chocolate, my cat, the cinema, chips, nail polish, social media, and books- both reading and writing them. I'd love to travel, Easter Island in particular, and I'm about to start learning Spanish because of that. I don't like to be like anyone else, and I know what I want to do with my life. All kinds of people are interesting to me, especially weirdos and freaks. (That's the mindset you get when you write poetry all the time!) I am home educated, which is great fun, but it can be suffocatingly lonely at times. That's why I value friendship like diamonds. Next year I'm going to college- I virtually have cardiac arrests at that thought! So, that's me: Sabita, weirdo teen writer.

Barista Ria

Twitter: UnicornsAss

I'm Ria and I'm a slightly lazy, slightly cynical seventeen year old from England. I love rock music, drawing, baking, reading up on weird topics and simply daydreaming. I really love wildlife so I'm interested in studying something along the lines of zoology or veterinary science, and I definitely, definitely want to move away from my part of England as soon as I possibly can. I'd say that I am slightly socially awkward, but hopefully in the near future, I will come out of my shell enough to be able to travel across Europe, possibly form a band, meet some wonderful people (obviously including someone I can spend the rest of my life with) and simply live life to the max. I know that life doesn't really go according to plan, so I'll just cross my fingers and hope that wherever it takes me is awesome.

Barista Nicole

Twitter: nicolewis1993

My name is Nicole, and at 20, some people may not consider me a teen, but I'm definitely still one at heart! I'm a weird mix of an introvert and an extrovert-I'm crazy when I know you, but I can be shy too. Things that I love include dressing up, doing makeup, theatre, American Sign Language, writing and music- One Direction is one of my favorites! I live in North Carolina, so I suppose it's my duty to bring the American flavor to this blog! Although I have to admit, I'm not just American- I'm also from District 12, Middle Earth, Narnia- and wherever else my crazy brain decides to take me!

Barista Ellen

My name is Ellen and I'm sixteen years old. I'm from Scotland but am also half Australian. I love drawing, rock music, crafting and books (both reading and writing them). My favourite artist is Monet, my favourite band Twin Atlantic, and my favourite author is whoever wrote the last thing I read. The dream for me as always been and still is to have my own book published but my more down to earth dream is to become an optometrist. Well, people will need to be able to see that book of mine in order to read it!

Barista Alexandra

My name is Alexandra but you can call me Alex. I live in Portugal and I'm fifteen. I love indie rock bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. I love Sam Claflin and all things related to the Hunger Games. I love reading books at night and running at day. I can't live without music and my aura is blue. Yes, I know what the color of my aura is which explains why I lose my voice so many times. I love sarcasm but I can't understand it so if you tell me that your cat died, I will believe in you.
In the future, I would like to write for living and travel all over the world. I would like to live in Hogwarts and have a TARDIS. But if that doesn't happen, then I would go to Narnia. Seems far, right?


Guest Baristas

Barista Czarina