The Joys of Shopping

I love to shop. It's a wonderful sport that (almost) everyone enjoys. Now there are a lot of different types of shopping, but I'm going to talk about a specific type: clothes shopping. My favorite. So what are the joys of shopping for clothes?

Joy #1: Getting ready to go shopping

I rush over to my closet early in the morning of my shopping day and wear something other than the usual sweatshirts I wear. I wear a nice pair of jeans, a nice blouse, and maybe a pair of heels if I'm not afraid of hurting my feet after hours of walking around looking for things to buy. I actually bother to dress up and it makes me feel all good when I'm done.

Joy #2: Hanging out with friends

Going shopping by myself is okay, but nothing ever beats going shopping with a couple of my best friends. I can chat, gossip, and exchange opinions on those boots my friend is thinking of buying. Most things become a hundred times more fun when it's shared and shopping is no exception.

Joy #3: Trying things on and taking funny pictures

Sometimes, even when I am completely sure that I am not going to buy that butt-ugly shirt, I take it into the dressing room to have some fun dressing up in the wackiest outfits with my friends. We dress up weirdly, take the stupidest pictures, and laugh like crazy as we go through the racks again. This is also really fun to do with expensive things that you'll never be able to afford. You can try on that Prada bag, snap a picture, and get chased out ofthe store for not buying anything. Ah. Memories.

Joy #4: Actually buying something

I don't know what it is about whipping out your cash that makes buying things so satisfactory. When I finally buy something after wondering whether I should buy this skirt as opposed to that skirt, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart as the cash register goes DING.

Joy #5: Wearing the stuff you bought

This is my favorite part of shopping. Suddenly, my closet looks so much fuller than before, making me happy whenever I open my closet every morning to scavenge for something to wear. I don't have to worry about, "I've already worn that a billion times. People will think I only have one top." I can just grab one of my new outfits and strut in them, feeling like a model...

Well, at least until I get tired of those new clothes and have to go shopping again *insert sheepish grin*

-Barista Mia-

Image: Je.T.