My Favorite Procratination Websites


Sometimes, even the best of us feel that itchy urge to procrastinate. Everybody has their own favorite websites to go to when they're running away from homework. Here's my list:


Ah. YouTube. What would the world be like without this one crucial site? I watch the cutest animal videos, fun clips of movies, interviews, a little Ellen, and some NigaHiga. With YouTube, I barely know that time is passing. YouTube is the best way to waste my day.

Social Media

I quit this a while back, because of *cough* addiction problems *cough*, but Facebook and Twitter surely are great ways to spend hours and hours on the Internet doing absolutely nothing productive.


I am a bit of a movie geek, so I tend to literally watch all the trailers that pop up in this wonderful website. I also read the news on the latest castings, stalk some of my favorite actors and directors... IMDB is paradise.


Okay. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of this website, so I don't really go on it much. HOWEVER! When I'm reading through all the posts, I can't stop. It's pretty hilarious reading some of the wackier posts there.


I like to research about the most randomest topics ever, so to quench my thirst for weird knowledge, I Google about blue-ringed octopuses, the best country for education, a certain black bottled perfume, the oldest tree in the world... Anything, really. And yes, I've searched for the answers to all those topics.

What are your go-to sites on those bliss procrastination hours?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Gabriela Pinto