Le Best Internet Browser

Internet Explorer

In my honest opinion, Internet Explorer is the best browser... for downloading other browsers. Okay, okay. That was a little mean. Internet Explorer is a classic. A favorite for those who aren’t willing to download better browsers. IE is a little slow and lags quite a bit. I guess if it’s one good thing about IE is that it is basically the best browser for forms and stuff. For some reason, the other browsers don’t work that well for that. If your usual browser doesn’t seem to load a page really well, IE usually works as a substitute.

Google Chrome

I love the layout of Chrome. It’s really cute and very easy to customize. This one was my favorite for a while, but then I just gave up on it because it brought in waaaaaay to many viruses into my computer (my computer’s system completely broke down in the end. Sigh.) As pretty as Chrome is and as fast as it is (the fastest of the three browsers, I might add), it isn’t very safe and I wouldn’t recommend it if you want your computer to have a long life. If you’re okay with viruses invading your computer, though, go for it!

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser by far. It’s fast, unlike IE, and it’s safe, unlike Chrome. Best of all, Firefox doesn’t seem to mind so much when a lot of tabs are open. And as a student, we all know how many tabs we need to keep online. One for YouTube, one for research, one for an online class, one for Facebook, one for Google Docs... Ooh! And as a plus, the fox on Firefox’s logo is so pretty. I lurve foxes.

So in the end, Firefox is my go-to browser for everything unless, for some weird reason, a page doesn’t load in which case, I use the classic Internet Explorer. Which browser is your favorite?

-Barista Mia-