Post Christmas Blues

It's a few days after Christmas and most of the festivities are over. The extended family has gone back home, the Quality Streets are eaten, the family friends have gone off skiing, and the house is very quiet.

What can you do? Don't let the stalemate of boredom pull you in! You really don't want to spend your precious last week of holidays on Facebook all the time! So try to make the most of the Christmas break, and brush away any saddening thoughts you might be having.

• If all your friends are busy and can't meet up with you, try not to feel too disappointed or neglected. Loneliness is one of the emotions I most hate, but just keep in mind that you'll be seeing them soon, and use your time to focus on yourself.

• If a friend you're fond of is ignoring you online, you could either send them a message letting them know you miss them, or ignore them back, giving them some space. This takes strength, but it will be worth it if after a while the friendship takes up its rightful place in your life again.

• Go out to town! Almost anyone can do this as long as there is some sort of public transport service. If you're feeling really adventurous, take a bus or a train to a bigger, further-away town and make a day of it- go to the movies and have lunch. For last minute company choices... How about your brother or sister?

• If you've already been "Boxing Day Shopping" and don't need anything in town, a wander around the countryside in the fresh air might help clear your head if you've spent too much time indoors.

• I don't know about you, but in term time, I find myself constantly wanting to do things that I have no time for- read certain books, make cakes, watch entire seasons of favourite TV shows... Maybe now is the time! These have a good promise of keeping the boredom away once you get into them.

• For a feels journey, sit down with some crisps and watch your favourite film as of when you were 12 or 13. I did this a while ago, and woah, did I bawl!

• You'll probably be dreading the return of school. Prepare for this- don't let your heart sink when you look at the enormous pile of homework. It won't be that hard (well...), and it won't take you the rest of your free time, unless you don't get on with it. Start by just thinking about what you've got to do, so as to mentally prepare yourself; and then put a particular day aside for concentrating.

Above all, make sure you make the most of your holidays. They'll only last so long, and when they're over you'll miss them, so enjoy each day as fully as you can.

-Barista Sabita-

Images: Nash Long via Wikimedia, Barista Sabita