5 Types of People You Will Find in Study Groups


For some of you, studying in groups might be the greatest thing in the whole world but for others (like me) it’s the worst thing ever. Why? I really need to study for something but most of the people I end up studying with makes it pretty hard.

These are five types of people you will find in (almost) every study group:

Person Number 1: Most of you.

Ok, this person is the one who wants to study but really is afraid that the others want to talk instead of actually studying so, he or she makes an effort to keep everybody from opening books.
I must admit this is totally me. I feel like, when I’m studying with friends, they are all judging me for studying so, to look cool and normal and stuff, I try to keep everybody happy by talking for hours when the exam is like... the next day.

Person Number 2: Your soul mate

This kind of person divides into two groups: the actually boyfriend of girlfriend or the one that wants to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.
If it is your other half, then you really won't to be able to study at all. Not even a bit. Their beauty will distract you so, please, try not to study with them.
If it is someone who wants to be more than friends and you don’t, then may God have mercy on your soul! I bet you didn’t want to study with him but he just can’t get away from you! It’s like you’re glued together.
If it is someone who wants to be more than friends AND you want to. Oh, that is lovely. But, just like I said: concentration=zero!

Person Number 3: The best friend

I don’t even need to say anything, do you?
In the beginning, you will be all focus on the books then, five seconds later, it’s time to talk about your teacher’s son.

Person Number 4: The best student in your class

If you want to get good grades, this is the best person to study with.

Person Number 5: The one that is always talking about how he or she doesn’t need study...

...because he is so smart and blah, blah, blah...
(but he actually studies more than everyone else. Figures.)

-Barista Alexandra-

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The Joys of Shopping

I love to shop. It's a wonderful sport that (almost) everyone enjoys. Now there are a lot of different types of shopping, but I'm going to talk about a specific type: clothes shopping. My favorite. So what are the joys of shopping for clothes?

Joy #1: Getting ready to go shopping

I rush over to my closet early in the morning of my shopping day and wear something other than the usual sweatshirts I wear. I wear a nice pair of jeans, a nice blouse, and maybe a pair of heels if I'm not afraid of hurting my feet after hours of walking around looking for things to buy. I actually bother to dress up and it makes me feel all good when I'm done.

Joy #2: Hanging out with friends

Going shopping by myself is okay, but nothing ever beats going shopping with a couple of my best friends. I can chat, gossip, and exchange opinions on those boots my friend is thinking of buying. Most things become a hundred times more fun when it's shared and shopping is no exception.

Joy #3: Trying things on and taking funny pictures

Sometimes, even when I am completely sure that I am not going to buy that butt-ugly shirt, I take it into the dressing room to have some fun dressing up in the wackiest outfits with my friends. We dress up weirdly, take the stupidest pictures, and laugh like crazy as we go through the racks again. This is also really fun to do with expensive things that you'll never be able to afford. You can try on that Prada bag, snap a picture, and get chased out ofthe store for not buying anything. Ah. Memories.

Joy #4: Actually buying something

I don't know what it is about whipping out your cash that makes buying things so satisfactory. When I finally buy something after wondering whether I should buy this skirt as opposed to that skirt, I get this warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart as the cash register goes DING.

Joy #5: Wearing the stuff you bought

This is my favorite part of shopping. Suddenly, my closet looks so much fuller than before, making me happy whenever I open my closet every morning to scavenge for something to wear. I don't have to worry about, "I've already worn that a billion times. People will think I only have one top." I can just grab one of my new outfits and strut in them, feeling like a model...

Well, at least until I get tired of those new clothes and have to go shopping again *insert sheepish grin*

-Barista Mia-

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Le Best Internet Browser

Internet Explorer

In my honest opinion, Internet Explorer is the best browser... for downloading other browsers. Okay, okay. That was a little mean. Internet Explorer is a classic. A favorite for those who aren’t willing to download better browsers. IE is a little slow and lags quite a bit. I guess if it’s one good thing about IE is that it is basically the best browser for forms and stuff. For some reason, the other browsers don’t work that well for that. If your usual browser doesn’t seem to load a page really well, IE usually works as a substitute.

Google Chrome

I love the layout of Chrome. It’s really cute and very easy to customize. This one was my favorite for a while, but then I just gave up on it because it brought in waaaaaay to many viruses into my computer (my computer’s system completely broke down in the end. Sigh.) As pretty as Chrome is and as fast as it is (the fastest of the three browsers, I might add), it isn’t very safe and I wouldn’t recommend it if you want your computer to have a long life. If you’re okay with viruses invading your computer, though, go for it!

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser by far. It’s fast, unlike IE, and it’s safe, unlike Chrome. Best of all, Firefox doesn’t seem to mind so much when a lot of tabs are open. And as a student, we all know how many tabs we need to keep online. One for YouTube, one for research, one for an online class, one for Facebook, one for Google Docs... Ooh! And as a plus, the fox on Firefox’s logo is so pretty. I lurve foxes.

So in the end, Firefox is my go-to browser for everything unless, for some weird reason, a page doesn’t load in which case, I use the classic Internet Explorer. Which browser is your favorite?

-Barista Mia-


Top Four Fictional Places I Want To Be

There are many places I want to go to: Rome, Paris, New York... The usual. But on my list of go-to places before I die are some more, uh, unusual places. They're entirely fictional. Oh, only if they weren't. It would be AMAZING to visit or even live in these made up lands... Sigh. Why couldn't I just literally transport into a book or movie?

Anyway, here is my list of the top four fictional places I want to be.


The Chronicles of Narnia is the first fantasy series that I ever read. I was completely immersed into the books as they were so magical. The best part is, in Narnia, I can talk to animals! Gasp. This is something I've wanted to do for the longest time.


I'm probably one of the few teens out there who doesn't ever want to grow up. Being 18 now, I've had a little taste of the convoluted adult world and I'm telling you, it's not pretty. In Neverland, I wouldn't EVER have to grow up. I can have fun, have adventures, and have some more fun. Also, I've always wanted to meet Peter Pan and Hook.

Camp Half-Blood

Please, please, please let me be a demigod. It would be beyond awesome to be told that I am the lost daughter of one of the Greek gods. Imagine the powers I would have, the fun adventures I would have with my friends, and the battles I would get into. Oh, the life of an adrenaline rush.


Okay. Um. Can I be both a demigod and a witch? For most of the year, I could stay at Hogwarts, the bestest place on Earth ever, and in the summer holidays, when I am unceremoniously kicked out of the beautiful castle for vacation, I could head off to Camp Half-Blood. Whoop!
Hogwarts would be my number one place to visit. All those hidden passages, the magic, the dueling, the adventures, taking fun classes, meeting Harry Potter... Wow. Just thinking about all of this gives me the chills.

Of all the fictional places in the world, where do you most want to visit?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Still from Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone


Spicing Up The Boring School Uniform

Uniforms, uniforms, don't we hate them. You could say fashion isn't my thing. Well... it's definitely not my thing, but I am as fed up as anyone of wearing the mind numbingly awkward to tie tie and the dreaded school blazer. For that reason I have compiled a list of ways to spruce up your school uniform.

1) Scarves
I absolutely adore the variety of those patterned scarves you can get these days: flowers, skulls, abstract designs. Drape one of these on on a school day to really transform your attire into something unique. If silk scarves aren't your thing you can even wear a good old winter scarf in the dead of winter. I saw a kid in my school walking about in a Gryffindor scarf, something I don't have the courage to do (yes I own a Hogwarts scarf but you have to guess what house).

2) Badges
Even a single small pin will make your uniform different but with the size of blazer lapels, you can go full out crazy with them. Make yours into a shrine for your favourite music artist if you want: whether it's One Direction or Bring Me The Horizon or anything in between—if that's your kind of thing. Otherwise you can wear just a badge or two (I'm a fan of the ones with sarcastic comments).

3) Footwear
Once you get below the knee, the school uniform seems to become a lot more lenient. I personally stick to my black Doc Martins and black tights these days but when I was about thirteen of fourteen I used to wear rainbow striped, over the knee socks to school! Maybe wear some brightly coloured tennis shoes to add some colour to your school day. If your school has a policy about black shoes though, buy the most colourful shoelaces you can get.

4) Jewellery
I know teachers go on about not bringing jewellery into school in case you lose it, but I'm not talking about bringing in a 10 carat necklace! You can usually find some brilliant, colourful bracelets that are as cheap as chips. In fact, some of the bracelets I've seen in stores around the city centre are actually cheaper than a portion of chips from the local chippie! If your teachers are super strict on jewellery, buy a nice looking watch. There are some pretty cool watches out there, and what's more, it will improve your punctuality.

5) Hair
As far as ways to accessorise your school uniform goes, this one's pretty drastic. But if you've been wanting to dye your hair, why not make it something that'll match your school wear as much as your regular clothes? Back when I dyed my hair red, it was almost the exact same colour as my maroon school tie. It wasn't deliberate but I thought it looked good anyway. If hair dye's not your thing, find some hair accessories such as bows—much better than that dull ponytail.

6) School bag
Your school bag is the one bit of compulsory school uniform that will be unique (unless someone else gets the same one of course) so make it something that will show people what kind of person you are: are you practical, what's your favourite colour, what bands do you worship, do you have an obsession with cute animals, do you follow trends or are you a free spirit?

7) Personality
The most important thing is that no matter what you're wearing your wonderful, brilliant, unique personalty shines through. I know I sound all cheesy saying this but it's what's inside that counts. A good personality costs nothing and we all have it, at least most people, but I'm sure you are one of the people who do.

-Barista Ellen-

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Morning Disasters

Like many of you lovely readers, I’m a very distracted, lazy, sleepy and clumsy person. Of course, this isn’t an advantage when you wake up really early to go to this awful building that they call school. In this post, I would like to discuss “morning disasters.”

1st Morning Disaster

Alarm clocks have humor. Oh, guys, we’re all familiar with the annoying sounds that the alarm clocks make and we all have stories about this kind of morning disaster. Firstly, there are those times when you wake up five minutes before the alarm clocks starts screaming that terrible sound. Yeah, and when you think you still have time to sleep one more hour, BEEEEPPPPPPPP! Secondly, if you think its sound is the only loud noise in the world, try throwing it to the ground. You will wake up right away! Thirdly, let’s talk about those times when you forget to turn the alarm clock off and then, minutes later, you hear the extremely horrible beep again. I mean, it’s like the universe is telling you it’s going to be a bad day!

2nd Morning Disaster

Apparently, the butter belongs in the bathroom. This is what my brain thought after I finished eating my breakfast. I stood up, put my caneca in the fridge and took the butter to the bathroom and finally, placed the napkin in my bedroom’s desk. For many of you (yes, you), this also happens but with different things. It seems like our brains just forget how to think properly.

3rd Morning Disaster

Choosing the right color of pants. (Folks, when I say pants I mean trousers.) I’m too lazy to choose the clothes I’m going to wear the day before I have to wear them so, there I am, every morning, looking at the closet trying to figure out which color of pants I’m going to wear. I look at the window and see the grey sky (very poetic, I know) and I’m thinking “I really want to wear these light blue pants, but it’s going to rain.” So, I take some dark jeans, even though the meteorologists say it’s going to be sunny, and bam! the sun invades the city like a viral video.

(Seriously, sometimes the sky seems to be drunk.)

4th Morning Disaster

Forgetting to pack something in the morning. I usually eat cookies at school before lunch and there are a lot of other things I have to remember to take along with me when I go out. This is evidence that I’m indeed one of the laziest people in the world... or maybe just a normal one (you do that too, right?) I just can’t crawl away from the TV to put my umbrella in my bag!

So, can you think of more morning disasters? Comment below!

-Barista Alexandra-

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My Favorite Procratination Websites


Sometimes, even the best of us feel that itchy urge to procrastinate. Everybody has their own favorite websites to go to when they're running away from homework. Here's my list:


Ah. YouTube. What would the world be like without this one crucial site? I watch the cutest animal videos, fun clips of movies, interviews, a little Ellen, and some NigaHiga. With YouTube, I barely know that time is passing. YouTube is the best way to waste my day.

Social Media

I quit this a while back, because of *cough* addiction problems *cough*, but Facebook and Twitter surely are great ways to spend hours and hours on the Internet doing absolutely nothing productive.


I am a bit of a movie geek, so I tend to literally watch all the trailers that pop up in this wonderful website. I also read the news on the latest castings, stalk some of my favorite actors and directors... IMDB is paradise.


Okay. Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan of this website, so I don't really go on it much. HOWEVER! When I'm reading through all the posts, I can't stop. It's pretty hilarious reading some of the wackier posts there.


I like to research about the most randomest topics ever, so to quench my thirst for weird knowledge, I Google about blue-ringed octopuses, the best country for education, a certain black bottled perfume, the oldest tree in the world... Anything, really. And yes, I've searched for the answers to all those topics.

What are your go-to sites on those bliss procrastination hours?

-Barista Mia-

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How to Relieve Stress

Stress is so rampant these days. It's the start of a new term and there's a great big mountain-load of work waiting to be done. Revising for exams starts soon for a lot of people. I'm doing my GCSEs and I told myself I would aim for perfect grades even in my worst subjects- no pressure in the slightest, then! *Insert poignant groans here*.

Whether it's other people, yourself, or just stuff that's stressing you out, there are ways to make it easier to cope. Here are a few tips I have found useful for this.

• Lie on the floor for ten seconds.
Whether you believe in psychotherapy or not, try this- it may help calm you down! Count to ten, or twenty, and concentrate on letting your limbs relax.

• Write yourself messages and stick them on the wall behind your desk or bed. I've got "Accept courage and enjoy it!", meaning that I know I have to knuckle down and get on with stuff, but I can do it eventually.

• When you rest (make sure you do a lot of this, and that in the late evenings when you finally have free time, you don't just stay up) fluff up your pillows into and make sure your back is in a comfortable position. I find that an aching body only serves to escalate stress, and we'll only be able to feel rejuvenated if we're well rested.

• Talk to your friends or go outside for a while. Take little breaks to forget the world around you and enjoy yourself. Get homework help from your friends. Breathe the fresh air!

• Keep a big perspective on things. Have in mind that one day not that long away, you'll be lying in bed because it's the summer holidays, and then you'll be getting your exam results. What happens then will depend on what you do in these days. Also, it may help to think about the fact that one day, you'll be an old grandparent looking back on that little period in your life that was school days, and thinking how small it was compared to the whole of your life.

So don't stress too much- the bad stuff will not last forever, and the better you can cope with it now, the quicker you'll feel better!

-Barista Sabita-

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Ranking the Harry Potter Books

Yes, I'm actually going to try rank the Harry Potter books. I reread the entire series to keep the action and my thoughts fresh in my brain and now, after crying like crazy over many of my favorite characters' deaths, I'm going to suck it up like a big girl and rank these amazing books from worst to best. It pains me to do this, but the evil side of me thought it would be fun. (Mind, the worst book is still a good book. I'm not saying any of these books are actually bad. They're all awesome reads and they're all worthy of a hundred rereadings.)


7. The Goblet of Fire

My ranking: 7/10

To be honest, this book was much too fat for its own good. The Quidditch World Cup was way too drawn out and it took absolutely forever to get Harry back into Hogwarts, my favorite place on planet Earth. Other than this, The Goblet of Fire is almost perfect. There was a lot of action, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of anxiety... I just wish The Goblet of Fire was cut down a teensy bit. I mean, with the Twi-Wizard Tournament and the rebirth of Voldemort (I am a fearless bastard who uses the Dark Lord's name), this book could have been placed much higher up in my list. But that too long Quidditch World Cup really turns me off. I almost always skip the first few chapters of this book for that very reason.

6. The Chamber of Secrets

My ranking: 7.3/10

I don't exactly get why I don't like this book as much as I love most of the others. I sincerely love the part when the whole school finds out Harry's a Parselmouth and it's nailbitingly awesome when Harry and Ron go down the Chamber of Secrets, but something about the way the book is written just doesn't fit well with me. I feel uncomfortable reading it. However, thanks to Rowling's awesome action and plot, this book is still one of my favorites ever. Not to mention, The Chamber of Secrets is the first Harry Potter book I ever read!

5. The Order of the Phoenix

My ranking: 7.8/10

Harry gets a teensy bit annoying in this book, but then again, he's becoming a little like Voldemort so who can blame him? Anyway, what's a good series without some teenage angst? It's a bit infuriating that Dumbledore ignores him so much, and it literally makes me cry when Sirius dies, but it's still a good book. Everything comes together at the end. And Dumbledore finally explains to Harry about the prophecy! Oh, and Harry's literally hero-worshipped his father up till this point, but then he learns about his father's bullying habits back in his Hogwarts days. Who knew I could ever feel so sorry for Snape?

4. The Philosopher's Stone

My ranking: 8/10

This is the perfect introduction to the wizarding world. I absolutely adore this book. Harry goes to Hogwarts for the first time, makes friends, gets into trouble, smuggles a dragon... This book is amazing. I doubt anybody could think of a better beginning to a wonderful series than Rowling did. Oh, and to think 11 year old Harry met Voldemort for a second time and beat him again! Kids aren't so useless as some adults think, eh?

3. The Prisoner of Azkaban

My ranking: 8.4/10

I love this book. I think it's mostly because the antagonist is not Voldemort for the first and last time. It's a madman killer named Sirius Black, who also turns out to be Harry's godfather. This is the book where matters and the characters become a little older. Harry also has to deal with the fact that his godfather, his father's best friend, killed his parents! Harry's determination to kill Sirius really caught me in the heart. I've never rooted for a character so hard. But then! PLOT TWIST! It turns out Ron's rat, Scabbers, is the actual traitor! What? This book is perfection.

2. The Half Blood Prince

My ranking: 9.2/10

Learning about Voldemort's past was one of my favorite parts in the entire series. It's interesting to remind myself that Voldemort was once a child and a teen like me. To think that as an eighteen year old right now, instead of trying to make myself immortal, I'm sitting in front of a computer writing a blog post! And to learn about Voldemort's Horcruxes is just awesome. Also, I find it hilarious when Harry's suddenly so good at Potions. Rowling's romance writing is pretty horrible, but whatever. I mean, everybody has weaknesses, right? But it is cool that Ginny and Harry get together in the end. When I read that part where Dumbledore dies... I want to kill this book over and over again. It did make sense that Harry has to make the rest of the journey of killing Voldemort alone, though... I guess.

1. The Deathly Hallows

My ranking: 9.8/10

Harry's alone now. No one can help him. I mean, he does have Ron and Hermione, but there's no one to guide them anymore. They're all alone looking for Horcruxes, trying to end Lord Voldemort who's been killing thousands of people. This book really capitalizes on how difficult it is to kill Voldemort who tried so hard to escape death. The war itself is really action-packed and fun to read as well. The Deathly Hallows has more action than all of the other books combined. I would have given this book a 10/10 rating, but I really don't like it that so many people die. Of course, it's war, so it is inevitable, but it still doesn't mean I forgive Rowling for killing Hedwig, Dobby, Fred, Lupin... and Snape. Snape. Finally, the truth. We all learn about Snape's great love for Harry's mother, Lily. And, of course, we all cried like crazy when we first read about it. Snape and Lily's love story... Sigh. I love reading that part the most. Something about it really touches me. I take that part back about Rowling being a horrible romance writer. Also, well, another reason this book is the best of the series: Voldemort's finished. Ooh, and another reason: Harry gets his happy ever after! Yay! After seven, no, sixteen years of fighting one man, the enemy's finally gone and Harry's happy with a family and love and ugh. The ending is gorgeous. A little vague. But gorgeous.

So this is my ranking of the Harry Potter books. How would you rank them?

-Barista Mia-

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The Five Uses of Headphones

Headphones are one of the most useful inventions ever. In fact, my pair of white in-ear headphones are one of the few things I can't go outside without. We all know the actual use for headphones, but are you aware of four other ways the headphones can be used?

Listen to music

Of course we can listen to music with headphones. After all, isn't this what headphones are for? How else could we pass boring hours without blissful music pounding in our ears?

Ignore people you don't want to talk to

When you spot someone across the street that you don't like, just stuff your headphones over or in your ears and pretend you're listening to hard-core music. Or better yet, ACTUALLY listen to music. When said person calls you over, pretend that you're so into the music that you can't hear him or her. The perfect excuse to ignore someone.

Look not so lonely when you are alone

Sometimes, inevitably, some of us are left all alone. Whether it's because you're waiting for a friend or because you've failed to make plans... when you're alone and you're feeling a little too self-conscious about this, put those headphones on and (pretend to) have the best fun ever all alone.

Block out noise when studying

I study in one of the loudest places on Earth. At home. At times when my brother is screaming at me or my mom is nagging, I put on my headphones and sound is shut off quite a bit. Of course, my in-ear headphones don't help as much as actual headphones might, but it's better than nothing. And by the way, with headphones, you can listen to music for real as a brain stimulant.

It looks cool.

'Nuff said.

-Barista Mia-

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The Le Teen Café Review Corner: Ender's Game (The Movie)

I watched Ender's Game. I finally watched it. I've been waiting for this movie to arrive at my local theatre since I don't even know when. Maybe it's been around two years now. Two years of anxious waiting since I first heard the news of a movie version of the legendary sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card. Of course, living in Korea, I had to wait an extra couple of months to watch the movie unlike my lucky American counterparts. But I watched it in the end. And it was good.

One thing that disappointed me at first was the unwelcome aging of all the characters. I mean, in the novel, Ender is only six years old! But in the movie, he looks around 13-ish? However, since it's cute Asa Butterfield, I let it go. Anyway, Asa really got into the character and seemed as though he understood him very well. On reflection, it probably would have been almost impossible for a six year old to use crazy vocabulary and to lead a fleet (not to mention, act as well as Asa did), so I guess aging the characters was a good idea. After the initial displeasure of seeing the older characters, I completely forgot about it for the remainder of the movie. Asa was, and is, the perfect Ender Wiggin. Hailee Steinfeld, Moises Arias, and the rest of the younger cast also managed the characters extremely well. It was like the characters in the original book had come to life in a slightly older version of themselves.

Every now and then, although Ender's Game is a more serious movie, humor was injected at some unexpected places. I still have a laugh with my sister whenever we talk about a certain scene where Ender acts so witty to Sergeant Dap and ends up doing around 40 (?) pushups for being a smart mouth.

If it's one fault the original novel has, it's its nonexistent descriptors. I mean, Orson does describe a few things, but not in enough detail for me to watch the scene play out in my head. While reading the novel, everything seemed so black and white and hazy, as though I was looking at things through a heavy mist. The movie, on the other hand, as a visual medium, let me FINALLY look at the setting and props in more detail. After all, Orson Scott Card himself produced the movie so the graphics must have come close to how he imagined the world of Ender's Game.

And now. The graphics. I'm usually very picky with graphics. But I barely have anything to criticize about the graphics in this movie. The Formics, or Buggers, were created tastefully. I would have said something about the aliens looking too much like the ants on our beloved Earth, but the novel describes them like that, so for now... moving on.

I know I said a little about the characters a few paragraphs ago, but I'm going to expand a little more on what I thought about them. I was extremely surprised at how every single actor managed to portray the characters so well. Asa was absolute perfection. I honestly can't imagine anyone else acting as Ender, even though I did say that Ender was supposed to be younger. Hailee was as tough as I ever imagined Petra to be. Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff was a great choice. He brought the roughness of the colonel straight into the movie. If it's one thing about the characters that I didn't like... the acting was unnatural at certain points in the movie. But oh well.

Oh, and another thing:I wish there were a little more scenes with Ender's brother, Peter. I believe Peter is very important in understanding Ender's dislike with himself when he turns violent, but Peter appeared for just a few seconds and didn't come onscreen ever again. Sure, he was mentioned a couple times, but other than that, it's like he didn't exist. Also, I would have been really happy to see Peter and Valentine's work on Earth, but I guess the makers couldn't fit their story into the movie. And it would have been beyond awesome to see a little more of Ben Kingsley as Mazer... it seemed almost like a waste to have him in the movie for just a few scenes, although they were vital scenes.

And now for my rating...


You're probably going "What?! You've been saying mostly good stuff about Ender's Game!" But hold on. I ain't done yet.

The reason I'm giving this movie a 7 instead of an 8.5, which I would have given if it weren't for this one big flaw, is that the movie skipped over way too many scenes and each scene itself wasn't as drawn out as they should have been. Consequently, there wasn't enough tension to keep me locked into the movie. Yes, the graphics were great, the characters were awesome... but the movie was missing something pretty big. Ender's Game didn't create enough tension by lengthening the battle scenes. For an onscreen battle to be great, there needs to be a whole heap of sweating and fighting going on, but in Ender's Game, after just a minute or two of fighting or so, the battle is won or lost.

IF ONLY there were just a couple more battle scenes. IF ONLY the battle scenes were a minute or two longer, especially the important battles... this movie had the potential to be perfect.

Ender's Game is a great movie. It's a pity it couldn't reach its full potential. BUT thanks to adorable Asa Butterfield and the great graphics, I would probably watch this movie again. I just wish it were a teensy bit better.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Ender's Game movie poster


The Le Teen Café Review Corner: The Fault In Our Stars


“That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.”

Life may seem hopeless, worthless or unfair sometimes. But if we live in a world where happiness is the only option, where would that bring us? That is not life. That is a dream come true. After all, the world is not a wish granting factory.

John Green wonderfully explains how life works in The Fault In Our Stars. But the characters were different. They have a kind of disease you would probably curse yourself, others or even God just by knowing you have it. Cancer. The worst kind. It literally displays the word “death” to you. No person could definitely want this. And here comes the story of Hazel Grace who has lung cancer (terminal, if you might ask) and Augustus Waters, who happens to have one prosthetic leg, has Osteosarcoma, a malignant bone tumour, though he seems to have mostly recovered.

Claiming both themselves as the side effects of cancer, or even death itself, Hazel and Augustus begins to develop feelings for each other. It all starts one day in Hazel’s support group. A normal day, with people with their own types of cancer. Terminal or not, they settle there in a circle in the literal heart of Jesus where they meet every Wednesday in the basement of a stone-walled Episcopal church shaped like a cross. They all sit in a circle right in the middle of the cross, where the two boards meet, where the heart of Jesus would have been. Then all of a sudden, there is Augustus -–a very appealing 17-year old teenager who makes Hazel’s simple life extraordinary.

It goes good, well, for people with cancer at least. They have time together with Isaac, who lost his girlfriend as soon as he lost his eyes, in Amsterdam to see a famous author: Peter Van Houten. All is okay. All is going fine. Then one afternoon in Amsterdam, Augustus brings news like a grenade blast. BOOM! It spreads like a wildfire like the cancer spreading to his entire body. Just when we thought Hazel was the person who has little time in the world, here comes Augustus. Again. Surprising us. We have never been so wrong, and we have never shouted at a book that loud.

We hated John Green for a second. He did not play it fair. Through this book, he had a shot gun that aimed right exactly at that very sensitive part of our hearts. Why, of all people, does it have to be Augustus? Augustus was the one and only boy next door kind of guy who was remarkably intellectual and loaded with words and thoughts that apparently can be compared to stars. Our peace of mind suffered shorty after Augustus’ death. The Fault In Our Stars had done something bizarre to us. This book, though the plot was not really that powerful and didn’t keep us on the edge of our seats, focused on something more important to its readers.

The lives of Hazel and Augustus gave us a hint on what life truly means. Life cannot be seen deeper into its soul than a sighted person ever could. Meaning, life will always have its way, whether it is in your favour or not. Life is benevolent yet omnipotent. Because of Green’s depth of thoughts, readers will have a new and immense perspective on life and death.

I would definitely recommend this book--junkies and to all. This might just make a grown man cry because all of us will definitely know that life indeed does not give you everything you’d ever hoped for. Pain is simply there to give you experience that would fill you up in your lifetime. Pain is the thing that makes you who you are.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings." --Caesar

-Guest Barista Czarina-

Image: TFIOS cover (Dutton Books)


The Cliché Struggle

Yesterday, an acquaintance told me that I was a cliché since I like Doctor Who and wear my hair like every other girl. I know what you are thinking right now: “He’s an idiot” or, if you are a hipster, “It’s too cliché to talk about clichés” or even “The word cliché is so mainstream.” I hope you are thinking the first option.

This shouldn’t be bothering me because the guy who told me this is really an idiot. Simple Jack idiot (Tropical Thunder, anyone?). But it's true. Not in a way that I want to change my (amazing) taste for TV shows or my hairstyle. No. It made me think about how we, teenagers, struggle to be different and unique without realizing that we are already that. It makes me furious to know that society is constantly playing with this idea and trying to manipulate our likes and dislikes because of it.

The fact is, I like Doctor Who. It is something that makes me feel happy. So, why should I like something else? If I and all the Doctor Who fans change because of what that guy said, we will be a cliché again. I know this is confusing but I wanted to say this to all readers:

You are unique. You don’t need to have a typing machine to be special or have no way of writing at all.

If we all try to change, then we will end up being the same person. Not yourselves.

Let’s talk about clichés in movies or TV shows. Everyone gets annoyed when they see the mainstream pregnant girl or the bad boy who likes the nerd but, in the end, some of these clichés make us happy. There is no need to be ashamed. “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” is full of clichés and guess what? I love it. It is silly and great at the same time.

There are clothes that everyone, literally everyone has, including me. I saw it and I liked it; therefore, I bought it. It wasn’t because of peer pressure but simply because I wanted that shirt or that jacket. 

Clichés is a very cliché word. You are right, hipsters. It is and has the wrong definition. There will always be clichés, hipster being one of them. Hipster is an overused expression so, it is indeed a cliché.

You are unique for many things: the way you look, the way you laugh, the way you smile and how you are as a person. If you like something, there is a high change that somebody else likes it as well. It doesn’t mean you aren’t special. Just be yourself.

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Wimena Kane


How To Even Bother Going To School

There are some days where the mere thought of going to school is painful. We are human, after all. Repeatedly going to the same building and forcing yourself to think and to absorb information can grow tiresome, so sometimes, a little motivation is required in order to get yourself to face the day.

Firstly, remember why you're there. What you learn in school benefits you. Sometimes it can feel like you're there against your will, but really, the stuff you learn now will most likely come in handy in the future. Plus, who doesn't want to be more intelligent?

I also find that sometimes, it's little things that both help time pass by and make my day more interesting. For example, something as minor as awesome new stationery can motivate you to write more or take organised notes and even highlight unnecessary words. It might increase the amount of idle doodling, but hey, some may argue that doodling helps concentration or memory. So it's all good. Also, having something to look forward to at lunchtime can help too. Maybe throw a little muffin or a chocolate bar into your backpack in order to boost your mood a little. Another important thing to consider for days where you just can't be bothered is what you wear. It is something that can really influence your mood. Wearing something you know you look good in can have a huge effect on your confidence and just your outlook in general so put some thought into it. However, make sure that you are comfortable because there is nothing more frustrating than leaving the house and then immediately regretting your choice in attire.

There are also some days where you just can't be bothered to converse with... anyone really. Schools and colleges can be difficult places to avoid social interaction because, well, they're often buildings crammed with people. If you're feeling like this, the best thing to do would be to find a spot, maybe in the school library or a bench outside, and lose yourself in a good book or throw on your headphones and escape reality for a bit. We all have days where we can't be bothered, but there are ways of making them more endurable. Good luck!

-Barista Ria-

Image: b3d_


Crazy Toast Toppings

Every morning I and countless others go through that dreary morning routine:
Wake up, drag yourself out of bed, stumble into the kitchen and lay up the toaster with bread. Some people prefer cereal and there are those who somehow skip breakfast all together but what keeps me going through the long school days is a strong cup of coffee and some good old toast. Now I am not a morning person so I need something that could make my morning better. Or worse. I decided to rake around the kitchen to make new toppings for toast. Who knows what they'll be like. Is there a taste revelation in the making?

1) Pickled onion

This is very different from my usual topping of sticky sweet jam. Better than expected, then again I just LOVE pickled onion. I could actually eat it again. It is seriously good!

2) Hot Dog

Not as weird but still tasty, just like a hotdog in a bun which basically what it is. I think the idea of hotdog for breakfast sounds so unhealthy that I'll not use this one again.

3) Chilli sauce

A piece of advice. When attempting to lightly  pour  chilli sauce on your toast, if you spill it all over it DO NOT EAT IT! In fact, don't eat it at all. It's disgusting.

That's enough concoctions for me, the real surprise today was that pickled onion on toast actually tastes nice. If you don't believe me, try it. It's good enough for a taste revelation. Put some pickled onion on your toast and spread the word!!!

-Barista Ellen-

Image: John McClumpha


What are Celebrities Really Like?

For a lot of us, celebrities are a part of our lives and we think about some of them in one way or another every day, like when we listen to their music or see their news online. Do we really consider them as we would an ordinary person, though?

Sure, we can worship Harry if we have to! But celebrities in general just aren't seen in the same way as, say, your friends or your teachers are, and I think they should be. Oh yes. It's not only famous people who are special, and the opposite is also true- it's not only non-famous people who are ordinary.

Let's take a look at the more "normal" sides to some celebs' lives!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jen is a derp. Jen is an adorable person who can voice the secret thoughts and feelings that everyone has; "I've just found two Mentos in my pocket!" She is serious about being foolish. Yay. She also likes to paint and knit sweaters and scarves.


Our fresh dope Will is going back to college to learn quantum physics! Nerdy!

Jessie J

Jessie has always liked to do those weird but almost sneakily fun things we all do- like taking and editing a million selfies and eating a lot. She hasn't let being susceptible to hateful comments get in her way if she wants to publish twenty selfies at a time. And she has struggled to learn to accept her body and how she looks as a good thing, like so many people have.

-Barista Sabita-

Images: Gage Skidmore, Intel Free Press, Eva Rinaldi


How To Make Homework and Fun Synonymous...er Than Usual

Making homework fun sounds almost impossible and maybe it is. But there are ways you can make homework a little more bearable.

Do it with a friend

This is an almost foolproof way to make homework more fun than what is normal. If you have a friend with you, you can solve problems with your friend, so that's less pressure on you. The only downside to doing homework with a friend is that you might end up fooling around instead of finishing your homework. Other than that, though, doing your homework with a friend is an excellent idea.

Listen to music

But be careful not to listen to anything you're familiar with or you'll find yourself immersing yourself into the music rather than your homework. Listen to something that isn't so distracting. I would suggest classical music as classical music is also a great brain stimulant. If you find classical music boring, however, take a look at this post by Barista Alexandra.

Reward yourself at the end

I've said this time and time again, but rewarding yourself is an awesome incentive to study or to do whatever else you don't necessarily like doing. If you have something to look forward to when you're done with all your homework, you'll work faster and everything will seem much easier, even the most difficult math problems!

Take breaks to have snacks

Every hour or so, take a 5-10 minute break. You can't just sit in one spot and finish all your homework in one go. You'll brain will explode. Take it easy and take little breaks to eat a little chocolate or some other snack you would like to eat. Maybe chips, water, or fruit.

Use fun stationery

I tend to do my homework with the craziest colors. I'm pretty artistic and I love it when my homework is something other than the usual black mess I make. I use red, blue, green, purple... and a whole heap of highlighters to keep my homework looking fun and awesome. You could also use nice graphic paper or whatever so that you won't fall asleep.

Make a game out of it

Pretend you're a teacher solving a math problem for your students to understand how to get that x out of the denominator. Pretend you're an editor at Harper Collins as you tackle that book summary. Pretend you're a secretary who's writing notes on a meeting that is happening on your textbook.

Well, then, maybe your homework will be a little less harsh on your mental health now. :)

-Barista Mia-

Image: Mikael Miettinen


The Seven Annoying Types of Friends on Facebook

Now we all have those friends that we just can't stand on Facebook. Below, I have listed the seven annoying types of people on Facebook. Recognize any of your friends? Or maybe even you?

The Obnoxious Gamer

*sends game request to friend*
*sends game request to friend*
*sends game request to friend*
Friend: Yo. Stop sending me those game requests. I'm not playing.
*sends game request to friend*

The "I Better Let Everyone Know What I'm Doing Every Five Seconds" Person

"Just woke up. It's a beautiful day."
"Taking a shower."
"Whoops. Forgot the soap."
"Currently on the toilet, reading a newspaper."
"Breakfast, here I come!"

The Attention-Seeking Picture Poster

*posts a heavily photoshopped picture covered in makeup and wearing pretty clothes*
Friend 1: Aw. You're so pretty.
Friend 2: Absolutely gorgeous.
Friend 3: Why can't I look like you?
The Attention-Seeking Picture Poster: What are you guys talking about? I'm the ugliest thing to ever walk this earth!

The Vague Status Poster

"OMG. Worst day ever."
Friend 1: What's going on?
Friend 2: Are you okay?
Friend 3: I'm here if you want to talk to someone.
The Vague Status Poster: No, it's okay. It's private.

The Public Private Conversationalist

"Hey, Friend 1! I can't wait till the movie this Saturday!"
"Yo, Friend 2! Dude, can you believe what happened at Friend 374's birthday party?"
"When are we hanging out, Friend 3?"
*private joke*
*private joke*
*private joke*

The Oscar Winner

"I am so extremely grateful for all of you. I don't know what I would do and who I would be without all of you guys. My life has been absolutely amazing and everything that has happened so far would have been impossible without you. I love you and I thank you."

The "I'm In a Relationship And You're Not" Brag

"I love you, boyfriend."
"I miss you, boyfriend."
"My boyfriend took me out to the best dinner ever. Complete with roses and a Tiffany bracelet."
"Boyfriend's going to take me to Hawaii."
"Boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Just. No.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Neeraj Kumar


A Solution To The Annoying Tangled Mess Those Hateful Headphones Make

One of the things I hate most in life are tangled in-ear headphones. Just thinking about them makes me want to crush something with my fist. It's frustrating, annoying, and totally scream-worthy. Like, to listen to music, I just take out my phone and in-ear headphones out of my purse to find that I have to untangle the mess my in-ear headphones have become. As if my life isn't a tangled mess already... Gosh. HOWEVER, about a year ago, I found a solution to my seemingly unsolvable problem. Watch this video, everybody, and be enlightened.

This is not a new trick. It's been around for the past 10 years or so and I am so sorry that I only got to discover it very recently. It's been a lifesaver to me and I am forever grateful for the person who has invented this technique of keeping our headphones in check. I do this every single time I pack my in-ear headphones now. And what's more? It's actually fun to wrap everything up after listening to some music. No joke! I re-do it often when I'm bored.

Anyway, that's my life tip for y'all lovely readers of LTC for the day. Good night!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Robert S. Donovan


Music To Listen To When You're Studying

Unfortunately, Christmas break is over. This means that we all have to pick up the books again (the ones that you didn’t look at for two weeks) and start studying. It is a fact that most teens find studying the most boring thing ever and I get it. Because it is. So, the solution is to have your phone playing your favorite songs from your favorite bands and artists, but this will not help. In fact, you will get distracted and start mumbling the lyrics without paying attention to your school books.

Scientists tell you that the best music to listen to while you’re doing annoying school work is classical music, which I totally agree with, but I understand that that type of music can be even more boring than studying. So, I decided to list a couple of alternative bands and artists that are fun and can make studying less exhausting.

If you’re studying subjects that require creativity and imagination like art and English, I would recommend the following bands:
  1. The Black Keys – This band has some great songs that can make you want to dance for the rest of your life and can also inspire you on an essay. You will want to go back to the 80’s, I guarantee.
  2. The Strokes - Another great indie rock band. You will fall in love with the vocalist’s voice.
  3. The Black Lips – Their beats can make you feel all kinds of emotions.
For subjects like biology and history, I would recommend songs with great beats like:
  1. Kings of Leon – It is impossible not to like them. Their songs are beautiful and I’m sure they will make you appreciate history in a way.
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – They are crazy, fun and absolutely talented.
  3. Arctic Monkeys – These lads are British, amazing and have the right songs for every subject.
For subjects like Math and Chemistry, you need a lot of concentration so I think you should listen to bands and artists that have calmer songs. So, we have:
  1. Coldplay – Ok, I know you might think that this is not the appropriate band for studying but their songs are actually great for it.
  2. Damien Rice - His voice is amazing. That’s all I need to say.
  3. Bon Iver – I know you love “Skinny Love.”
Excellent marks guaranteed!

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Anita Hart


The Ruthless Games: a Hunger Games Poem from the POV of Annie Cresta


There was a time when everything was sweet and fair
When people could run in laughter by the sea
A time that was content just idling there
When loving arms would curl themselves round me.

The fishing boats came sailing into shore
I watched then from the lily-studded bay
Till one crashed in I hadn't seen before
At the end of the final old and righteous day.

There was no finity to what I saw
No ruth was shown in hunger's vicious games
Flat panic struck and slowly ate me raw
So saner critics judged and gave me names.

Now when people touch me from behind
All I sense is a truthless, snatching sting
I try to get up, search, but cannot find
The doorway to a new awakening.
Now I'm living, trapped, inside a seed
And the more that's snatched away, the more I need.

-Barista Sabita-


#Selfie 101

The world carries nearly seven billion people as of 2013. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the Internet’s hash tag selfie has gained 57,754,658 photos on Instagram this very minute. There are photos of people’s oily faces, people while sitting on the toilet, people sticking their tongues out, which are all absurd. This has to stop, pronto. Therefore, fear not! Here are better ways to make a selfie worth the space online.

Follow the light

Ever wonder why models from magazines look so flawless, even- toned and perfect? Well, behind every photographer, are blazing lights focusing angrily on the model. Pictures loathe shadows, so we must kill yours.
To have a brighter face, turn towards the main light source. Never, ever turn your camera against it. You don’t need studio lights, the window can work its magic, too!

Find Your Angle

Hold your camera and extend your arm and extend your arm out. The farther the camera is, the more you’ll reduce that old sweaty- big- pored pace effect. It can be a little tricky.
Turn your head and find the best angle you have. (Unless you have perfectly sculpted jaws, you really need to search for it.) You never see your “bestest” if you haven’t seen yourself in all angles.

Have Fun Making Statements

Your phone is all yours and you have every right to look stupid in every way you can possibly make. There are thousands of poses, the wink, the thumbs up sign (my best friend’s signature pose), the peace sign (ah, the good old days.), the mirror selfie and the like.
And innocent plea: Do not make duck faces, ever again! They can give me nightmares.

Filters, FTW!

There’s this application called Camera 360. And it has been doing a pretty good job at hiding dark spots, pimples and a lot of imperfections. Plus, the filters are everywhere. They can give you any ambience your please. Camera 360 has made its way through every selfie- er’s heart and it will stay there, forever. Oh please, it has a “Sexy Lips” filter for crying out loud. Need I say more?

When all else fails,

Just smile. It is the best accessory there is. Don’t be like every grumpy woman in every movie ticket booth. Making unlimited versions of yourself is one of the perks of living in the 21st century. So why waste the power, right?

-Guest Barista Czarina-

Image: Sodanie Chea


Snacks for Exam Days


Finals are coming up for some and for others, like a few of my friends, the SATs are just a week away. Of course, the panicky questions that run through our heads and tongues are inescapable. Have I prepared enough? Does my calculator have batteries? Do you remember what ossify means? One important question that seems to evade us every test day, though, is: what type of snacks you should bring to the test center? After all, some foods are natural brain boosters. It's a good idea to bring excellent-for-brains snacks that you can have in between tests. So what snacks are perfect for those dreaded exam days?

Nuts and seeds

I'm not much of a nuts and seeds person, but for every test, I always bring along a packet. They prevent fatigue, help people's memories, and they're healthy too.


You probably already saw this coming. I mean, water is good for everything. Skip those caffeinated drinks and stick to pure water. Dehydration is something to avoid in the middle of a test. Who wants to take an exam with a foggy brain and a dry mouth?

Dark chocolate

Milk or white chocolate probably isn't the best idea for a test. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, can awaken and sharpen your senses. Eat the chocolate in moderation, though. Don't gobble down a whole bar. Just a little bit will do.

Granola bars

They're light, portable, healthy... what's not to like?

Just be wary of sugared snacks (a teensy bit may be all right, though). They may keep you awake for a little while, but you will CRASH in the middle of the test. Not good.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Alberto G.


Winter Wardrobe Must Haves


Winter has finally reached its peak. I absolutely loathe the freezing January, but there's nothing I can do to stop the cold wind from entering my country. There is something we all can do though! That is, make sure we are stocked with all the winter fashion must haves. How can we survive without keeping warm and stylish at the same time?

A knit

It's warm, fashionable... what's not to love about these totally adorable knitted clothes, hm? They come as boxy tops, tight tops, and dresses, too! Wearing a knit along with leggings and loosely braided hair, you could look so chic.

Black boots

I'm actually going out this Saturday to get a pair of my own after, uh, an unfortunate adventure that involved my beloved boots' heals breaking. These shoes literally go with everything.

Leather jacket

I don't know why, but there's something about wearing leather jackets with a nice girly skirt or dress. The two clothing items complement each other really well. Of course, in some places, just a leather jacket won't suffice. Put on a pretty coat over your outfit and voila!


Scarves are by far the most versatile item in anybody's closet. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and color. They keep your neck and face warm and they make an awesome fashion statement too.

Warm tights

Ah. I don't know what I would do without my favorite pair of winter tights. I can literally wear them with anything (in a stylish way, I might add) and they keep me warm too!

Denim shirt

I've recently gone all gaga over my denim shirt. It looks so good on anybody. I know a lot of people say denim on denim is a bad idea, but a denim shirt with a pair of skinny jeans looks so perfect for some reason.


Now who could forget the most important winter item of all? We'd all freeze without a coat we can snuggle in.

There you go! My winter wardrobe must haves. What does your list of must haves look like?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Barbro Andersen


The Best Face Washes (In My Opinion)


Ah. Those envious elementary school days when we all had flawless skin. Sigh. But unfortunately, now that we've all grown up, our skin has, well, turned less than pretty. Acne, scars, blemishes... Ugh. Now we spend a lot of our time trying to find the best concealers, foundation, and everything to look like we have perfect skin. Now we all know that eventually, to have good skin, we need to have good face washes. So what are the best ones out there?


You can buy these at your average drugstore. Cetaphil, a classic face wash, is perfect for almost any type of skin. If you have shiny, oily skin, Cetaphil might not be the best for you. However, if you have dry or normal skin, this product is the One. It doesn't leave your skin all dried out and it doesn't have any chemicals hiding behind the product. Plus, it's affordable too!


Another one that you can find in the drugstore, Purpose is great for all skin types. Don't be turned off by its cheapness, though. It's recommended by dermatologists all over for being soap-free, oil-free, gentle, and effective. Many of us feel our skin tighten after washing our faces, but Purpose doesn't do that nor does it leave any type of residue. Whoop!

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

For those wanting to go natural, I would suggest the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream. It's not very traditional, so you might get a bit of a fright when you use it. It leaves your skin slightly oily when you're done, but very clean. Don't worry, though. Even if you have oily skin, this product will work fine. And the product seems more like a mask when washing your face with this cream. This exfoliates (really well, I might add) too. It's actually very, very good. Your pores are cleaned, your blackheads disappear, and your pores get smaller. A lot of people say their skin glows and that they get compliments about their complexion after using this product. The catch: for this product to work effectively, you need to use Dr. Hauschka's press and roll technique (Youtube it!). And for the BEST of the best results, use this cleansing cream with Dr. Hauschka's Cleansing Milk. Oh, and as you only need to squeeze out, like, a pea size worth of cleansing cream, this face wash lasts forever, so no need to run away from the price tag.

These are my top three face washes in my opinion. You should really check them out. They're really good!

-Barista Mia-

Image: blackheadsonnose1


What to Do With Clothes You Don't Wear


If you all dig in through your closets, you'll notice that you aren't wearing some of the clothes that are just lying there, taking up space in your closet. So what should you do with all these clothes? You can't just keep them there until they die! Well, I'm here with a few ideas on what to do with the clothes that you just refuse to wear no matter what.

Give it a rest and come back to it some other time

There was this certain furry jacket that I barely wore last winter, but I left it in my closet. Funnily enough, although I hated the jacket last winter, this winter, I'm absolutely loving it. I wear it extremely often and many people have complimented me on it. So it's a good idea to leave certain clothes in your closet if you feel like you MIGHT give that clothing item a chance.

Google and find out how you can dress yourself with it in an original way

Most of the time, the reason I stop wearing a certain clothing item is that I get tired of wearing it and I feel like so many people have seen me wearing it already and, y'know, it's sorta embarrassing. But if you Google your clothing item, in my case it was a yellow knitted sweater, you can look for outfits that you've never put together before. I honestly never thought of wearing a dress underneath a knit and with a quick Google search, I found that putting my yellow knit over my salmon dress makes for an adorable look.


If you simply despise your clothing item, just donate it! Or you could even sell it on Facebook or give it out to your friends. It's better to give it to someone else who WILL wear whatever-it-is-you-don't-wear than let it rot at the back of your closet.

I hope these three tips help y'all. Good night!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Ann Sullivan


How to Deal With Someone You Don't Particularly Like

As I'm writing right now, there are two kids who I'm babysitting that I really, really do NOT like. They're the rudest kids I've ever met, they don't listen, and they insist on knowing every single detail of my personal life. Like, just go away and leave me alone. It's not like I'm getting paid to look after them (my mom's friend's kids. Ugh.), but I know I shouldn't shun them and tell them to go look after themselves. Sigh. So anyway... I've piled up a list of ideas on how to deal with someone you don't like. We all have people we don't necessarily like spending time with, don't we? I hope these tips help you free your mind from nightmarish people you have to deal with from time to time.

Have positive thoughts

This one's a hard one. I mean, right now, my mind is swirling with negative thoughts as I watch the two kids throw my Harry Potter books around. Hold on.

Okay. I've chased them to the TV and they're watching a movie. Ugh. Writing this article is going to be harder than I thought... Anywho. Experts say that changing your mindset about the person you are annoyed about, let's call him Joe, is a good way to deal with that certain person Joe. Change the way you perceive Joe and change the way you react to what he does. Be positive.

Draw your boundaries and stick to them

No one touches my Harry Potter books. I repeat, NO ONE. They're one of my most precious belongings. I can't live without my Harry Potter books, so no one touches them. Let Joe know that he is crossing the boundaries when he is doing something you don't tolerate. Be upfront about where you stand and make sure you don't get pushed over by Joe or you'll just be miserable.

And that goes over to my next point...

Be firm, if needed

If Joe doesn't listen, start with a gentle reminder about your boundaries. If he still doesn't listen, be a little more upfront about it. Just draw the line right there and tell him, "No." Communication is really important when dealing with Joe. Leaving him alone won't accomplish anything.

If that doesn't work...

Just avoid situations where you have to be with "that person"

This is probably easy for most of us. Well, for me, 'cause of familial obligations, I have to look after these hellish kids, but a lot of us CAN avoid the situations and places where Joe may be. If he's not going to listen, it's better not to mingle or be with him.

These are my tips for you. I hope they help you deal with your personal Joes. I guess I have to go look after those two kids and, y'know, have *shudder* positive thoughts about them. Well... Wish me luck!

-Barista Mia-

Image: tumblr (She's the Man)


How to Wear White Tops

White tops are one of the hardest things to dress up in. It looks too plain and simple to be allowed. I personally used my white top as something to wear underneath some of my more revealing tops. A while back, I had this one white shirt that I really had to wear because there was nothing to wear (we've all experienced this), but I couldn't seem to fit it on just jeans like almost every one of my other tops. With only jeans, my outfit looked so plain. So resorting to my best companion ever, the Internet, I searched for the answer to my white top problems. And sure enough, the loyal Internet gave me answers to dress myself up in a white top in a not-so-plain way. Yay! And now, a few years have passed and I will give to you, lovely readers of Le Teen Cafe, the wisdom that the Internet has provided me with: How to wear white tops.

Wear heals

Without heals, your outfit's going to look a little too boring, but you can spice it up with a nice pair of heels. Mind, the more noticeable your heals are, the better. A white top, nicely fitted jeans, and a pair of crazy heals. Perfect.

Decorate your look with a scarf

Do a little something to make your outfit look more fun. The best part about wearing a scarf is that you can get really creative with this stuff. And you don't have to worry about colors clashing 'cause white goes with literally anything.

Wear a jacket

Here, too, you can skip the worry about color clashes. Put on any jacket and tie your hair up in a tight, high ponytail. I don't know, but for me, whenever I go biker-chic like this, my confidence level just boosts up. Maybe it'll be like that for you too. Oh, and heals. Don't forget the heals when you're wearing a jacket and a high ponytail. This just looks so awesome altogether.

Wear colorful pants or a skirt

Again, no color clash worry! Wear a pink skirt, neon blue pants, leorpard prints, I don't know. You can do whatever you want with a white shirt. Seeing as the top half of your body is plain, why not go crazy on the bottom half of your body, eh?

Do something with your hair

You can do the most outrageous stuff with your hair and it'll look alright because your plain top is balancing it all. But if outrageous stuff isn't really your thing, you can always go for a low slung fishtail braid or something. Just keep your hair down low to make up for the white nothingness on your torso area.


Wear rings, necklaces, everything! Go grab your accessories and put them on one by one until you have no more to put on! Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but you can put on way more accessories with a plain top than with a festive top, so go all out with your precious fake (and not so fake, if you have any) jewelry!

A white top is really simple to dress up because it's just that, a white top. It doesn't clash with anything, it goes with everything, it's perfect. So be a little creative and play around with the things in and out of your closet. You'll be surprised with how many things you can do with that white top you thought you'd never wear.

-Barista Mia

Image: Maria Morri


Being Single in a Couple-Centric World


I’ve had heaps of practice with being single. It’s not like I didn’t have a chance to get a boyfriend, but I never found it a practical way to spend my youth. I mean, I know I’m going to get married one day and I’ll spend the rest of my life with a husband, so I don’t want to spend my younger days caught up in some boy because I’ll have plenty of time for that later. Anyway, there are so many ways you can do to have fun MINUS a significant other and I know that from my eighteen years of experience.

Have a girl’s night out

Girl’s night outs are the best thing ever since I-don’t-even-know-what. You can go watch movies, musicals... You can go shopping, go on a trip, and have adventures. Just be careful not to end up somewhere sketchy with your girls.


You don’t have the commitment of having to flirt with just one guy, le boyfriend. When you’re single, you can shamelessly flirt with all the guys you think are ka-yoot. Talk to guys, wink at guys, give guys “the look”. LOL. Have some fun!

Do something useful with your time

I know a lot of my friends have their homework forgotten on their beds because they have to be with their girlfriend/boyfriend. When you’re single, you can use your time to catch up with your homework and projects.

Hang out with your single friends

There’s something really fun about hanging out with fellow single people. I always have the most fun with them for some reason. Oh, and it’s always fun going in between couples and then laughing like crazy afterwards for splitting up their embrace.

As you can see, there are a whole heap of things you can do boyfriend/girlfriend-less. In fact, you can do almost EVERYTHING AND MORE than couples can do. Like, even for some couple-centric things like dances and stuff (note: I said "some" because save your lips up for your future love, alright?), you can just grab a guy friend and hang out with him for the day. No problem.

-Barista Mia-

Image: D. Sharon Pruitt


Post Christmas Blues

It's a few days after Christmas and most of the festivities are over. The extended family has gone back home, the Quality Streets are eaten, the family friends have gone off skiing, and the house is very quiet.

What can you do? Don't let the stalemate of boredom pull you in! You really don't want to spend your precious last week of holidays on Facebook all the time! So try to make the most of the Christmas break, and brush away any saddening thoughts you might be having.

• If all your friends are busy and can't meet up with you, try not to feel too disappointed or neglected. Loneliness is one of the emotions I most hate, but just keep in mind that you'll be seeing them soon, and use your time to focus on yourself.

• If a friend you're fond of is ignoring you online, you could either send them a message letting them know you miss them, or ignore them back, giving them some space. This takes strength, but it will be worth it if after a while the friendship takes up its rightful place in your life again.

• Go out to town! Almost anyone can do this as long as there is some sort of public transport service. If you're feeling really adventurous, take a bus or a train to a bigger, further-away town and make a day of it- go to the movies and have lunch. For last minute company choices... How about your brother or sister?

• If you've already been "Boxing Day Shopping" and don't need anything in town, a wander around the countryside in the fresh air might help clear your head if you've spent too much time indoors.

• I don't know about you, but in term time, I find myself constantly wanting to do things that I have no time for- read certain books, make cakes, watch entire seasons of favourite TV shows... Maybe now is the time! These have a good promise of keeping the boredom away once you get into them.

• For a feels journey, sit down with some crisps and watch your favourite film as of when you were 12 or 13. I did this a while ago, and woah, did I bawl!

• You'll probably be dreading the return of school. Prepare for this- don't let your heart sink when you look at the enormous pile of homework. It won't be that hard (well...), and it won't take you the rest of your free time, unless you don't get on with it. Start by just thinking about what you've got to do, so as to mentally prepare yourself; and then put a particular day aside for concentrating.

Above all, make sure you make the most of your holidays. They'll only last so long, and when they're over you'll miss them, so enjoy each day as fully as you can.

-Barista Sabita-

Images: Nash Long via Wikimedia, Barista Sabita