How to Relieve Stress

Stress is so rampant these days. It's the start of a new term and there's a great big mountain-load of work waiting to be done. Revising for exams starts soon for a lot of people. I'm doing my GCSEs and I told myself I would aim for perfect grades even in my worst subjects- no pressure in the slightest, then! *Insert poignant groans here*.

Whether it's other people, yourself, or just stuff that's stressing you out, there are ways to make it easier to cope. Here are a few tips I have found useful for this.

• Lie on the floor for ten seconds.
Whether you believe in psychotherapy or not, try this- it may help calm you down! Count to ten, or twenty, and concentrate on letting your limbs relax.

• Write yourself messages and stick them on the wall behind your desk or bed. I've got "Accept courage and enjoy it!", meaning that I know I have to knuckle down and get on with stuff, but I can do it eventually.

• When you rest (make sure you do a lot of this, and that in the late evenings when you finally have free time, you don't just stay up) fluff up your pillows into and make sure your back is in a comfortable position. I find that an aching body only serves to escalate stress, and we'll only be able to feel rejuvenated if we're well rested.

• Talk to your friends or go outside for a while. Take little breaks to forget the world around you and enjoy yourself. Get homework help from your friends. Breathe the fresh air!

• Keep a big perspective on things. Have in mind that one day not that long away, you'll be lying in bed because it's the summer holidays, and then you'll be getting your exam results. What happens then will depend on what you do in these days. Also, it may help to think about the fact that one day, you'll be an old grandparent looking back on that little period in your life that was school days, and thinking how small it was compared to the whole of your life.

So don't stress too much- the bad stuff will not last forever, and the better you can cope with it now, the quicker you'll feel better!

-Barista Sabita-

Image: bottled_void, Live Life Happy, Magharebia, Ryan Chow