Spicing Up The Boring School Uniform

Uniforms, uniforms, don't we hate them. You could say fashion isn't my thing. Well... it's definitely not my thing, but I am as fed up as anyone of wearing the mind numbingly awkward to tie tie and the dreaded school blazer. For that reason I have compiled a list of ways to spruce up your school uniform.

1) Scarves
I absolutely adore the variety of those patterned scarves you can get these days: flowers, skulls, abstract designs. Drape one of these on on a school day to really transform your attire into something unique. If silk scarves aren't your thing you can even wear a good old winter scarf in the dead of winter. I saw a kid in my school walking about in a Gryffindor scarf, something I don't have the courage to do (yes I own a Hogwarts scarf but you have to guess what house).

2) Badges
Even a single small pin will make your uniform different but with the size of blazer lapels, you can go full out crazy with them. Make yours into a shrine for your favourite music artist if you want: whether it's One Direction or Bring Me The Horizon or anything in between—if that's your kind of thing. Otherwise you can wear just a badge or two (I'm a fan of the ones with sarcastic comments).

3) Footwear
Once you get below the knee, the school uniform seems to become a lot more lenient. I personally stick to my black Doc Martins and black tights these days but when I was about thirteen of fourteen I used to wear rainbow striped, over the knee socks to school! Maybe wear some brightly coloured tennis shoes to add some colour to your school day. If your school has a policy about black shoes though, buy the most colourful shoelaces you can get.

4) Jewellery
I know teachers go on about not bringing jewellery into school in case you lose it, but I'm not talking about bringing in a 10 carat necklace! You can usually find some brilliant, colourful bracelets that are as cheap as chips. In fact, some of the bracelets I've seen in stores around the city centre are actually cheaper than a portion of chips from the local chippie! If your teachers are super strict on jewellery, buy a nice looking watch. There are some pretty cool watches out there, and what's more, it will improve your punctuality.

5) Hair
As far as ways to accessorise your school uniform goes, this one's pretty drastic. But if you've been wanting to dye your hair, why not make it something that'll match your school wear as much as your regular clothes? Back when I dyed my hair red, it was almost the exact same colour as my maroon school tie. It wasn't deliberate but I thought it looked good anyway. If hair dye's not your thing, find some hair accessories such as bows—much better than that dull ponytail.

6) School bag
Your school bag is the one bit of compulsory school uniform that will be unique (unless someone else gets the same one of course) so make it something that will show people what kind of person you are: are you practical, what's your favourite colour, what bands do you worship, do you have an obsession with cute animals, do you follow trends or are you a free spirit?

7) Personality
The most important thing is that no matter what you're wearing your wonderful, brilliant, unique personalty shines through. I know I sound all cheesy saying this but it's what's inside that counts. A good personality costs nothing and we all have it, at least most people, but I'm sure you are one of the people who do.

-Barista Ellen-

Image: Peretz Partensky