Freaking Out About Stuff? Yeah. Me Too. So How Exactly Do You Calm Down?

I freak out often. I freak out about homeschooling, college, SATs, and projects due. I also freak out about friends, appointments, and food. As a teenager, it's in my nature to freak out about the smallest things and to literally die of hyperventilation while freaking out over the bigger stuff in my life. With all these constant freak outs that exist in whichever life path I take, I learned valuable lessons in trying my best to calm my beating heart.

So I believe it is now time for me to bestow my accumulated wisdom of stopping freak outs onto your capable shoulders, young 'un. I now call thee a knight of trying-your-hardest-not-to-freak-out-because-now-you-have-like-wisdom-and-stuff.

But in all seriousness, I do hope these points do help you to calm some loud storms in your life. 'Cause, really, who wants them?

Let it aaaawwwwwllll out

Scream. Shudder. Whatever. Just get all that stress out of your system.

Go to YouTube and watch funny videos

Laughing really is the best medicine like all those grandmas and grandpas say.

Play (or listen to) music

And dance to it too for good measure. It blocks out all that noise in your head.

Eat chocolate

I already mentioned this in my Foods That Make You Happy post, but chocolate can delete stress. Yes, really.

Call your bestie and talk for an hour

A real stress reliever right there. Freak out to your best friend and you'll feel so much better.

Do yoga or stretch or do something else that relieves tension

Get the freak out off your muscles.

Write everything down

Scream and complain in pixels. Or in pencils, if you're old-fashioned.

Watch a movie

No, no, no. Not a depressing one. A funny comedy, maybe. Or an awesome Avengers-type action movie.

Read a book

Put that confusing textbook down and read something that's actually FUN!

Play some sport

Volleyball, badminton, running, or whatever. Just do something outside to clear your mind.

Now what about you? Do you have any no-freak-outs wisdom to pass on?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Chantel Beam