The Seven Annoying Types of Friends on Facebook

Now we all have those friends that we just can't stand on Facebook. Below, I have listed the seven annoying types of people on Facebook. Recognize any of your friends? Or maybe even you?

The Obnoxious Gamer

*sends game request to friend*
*sends game request to friend*
*sends game request to friend*
Friend: Yo. Stop sending me those game requests. I'm not playing.
*sends game request to friend*

The "I Better Let Everyone Know What I'm Doing Every Five Seconds" Person

"Just woke up. It's a beautiful day."
"Taking a shower."
"Whoops. Forgot the soap."
"Currently on the toilet, reading a newspaper."
"Breakfast, here I come!"

The Attention-Seeking Picture Poster

*posts a heavily photoshopped picture covered in makeup and wearing pretty clothes*
Friend 1: Aw. You're so pretty.
Friend 2: Absolutely gorgeous.
Friend 3: Why can't I look like you?
The Attention-Seeking Picture Poster: What are you guys talking about? I'm the ugliest thing to ever walk this earth!

The Vague Status Poster

"OMG. Worst day ever."
Friend 1: What's going on?
Friend 2: Are you okay?
Friend 3: I'm here if you want to talk to someone.
The Vague Status Poster: No, it's okay. It's private.

The Public Private Conversationalist

"Hey, Friend 1! I can't wait till the movie this Saturday!"
"Yo, Friend 2! Dude, can you believe what happened at Friend 374's birthday party?"
"When are we hanging out, Friend 3?"
*private joke*
*private joke*
*private joke*

The Oscar Winner

"I am so extremely grateful for all of you. I don't know what I would do and who I would be without all of you guys. My life has been absolutely amazing and everything that has happened so far would have been impossible without you. I love you and I thank you."

The "I'm In a Relationship And You're Not" Brag

"I love you, boyfriend."
"I miss you, boyfriend."
"My boyfriend took me out to the best dinner ever. Complete with roses and a Tiffany bracelet."
"Boyfriend's going to take me to Hawaii."
"Boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Just. No.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Neeraj Kumar