The Best Face Washes (In My Opinion)


Ah. Those envious elementary school days when we all had flawless skin. Sigh. But unfortunately, now that we've all grown up, our skin has, well, turned less than pretty. Acne, scars, blemishes... Ugh. Now we spend a lot of our time trying to find the best concealers, foundation, and everything to look like we have perfect skin. Now we all know that eventually, to have good skin, we need to have good face washes. So what are the best ones out there?


You can buy these at your average drugstore. Cetaphil, a classic face wash, is perfect for almost any type of skin. If you have shiny, oily skin, Cetaphil might not be the best for you. However, if you have dry or normal skin, this product is the One. It doesn't leave your skin all dried out and it doesn't have any chemicals hiding behind the product. Plus, it's affordable too!


Another one that you can find in the drugstore, Purpose is great for all skin types. Don't be turned off by its cheapness, though. It's recommended by dermatologists all over for being soap-free, oil-free, gentle, and effective. Many of us feel our skin tighten after washing our faces, but Purpose doesn't do that nor does it leave any type of residue. Whoop!

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

For those wanting to go natural, I would suggest the Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream. It's not very traditional, so you might get a bit of a fright when you use it. It leaves your skin slightly oily when you're done, but very clean. Don't worry, though. Even if you have oily skin, this product will work fine. And the product seems more like a mask when washing your face with this cream. This exfoliates (really well, I might add) too. It's actually very, very good. Your pores are cleaned, your blackheads disappear, and your pores get smaller. A lot of people say their skin glows and that they get compliments about their complexion after using this product. The catch: for this product to work effectively, you need to use Dr. Hauschka's press and roll technique (Youtube it!). And for the BEST of the best results, use this cleansing cream with Dr. Hauschka's Cleansing Milk. Oh, and as you only need to squeeze out, like, a pea size worth of cleansing cream, this face wash lasts forever, so no need to run away from the price tag.

These are my top three face washes in my opinion. You should really check them out. They're really good!

-Barista Mia-

Image: blackheadsonnose1