5 Types of People You Will Find in Study Groups


For some of you, studying in groups might be the greatest thing in the whole world but for others (like me) it’s the worst thing ever. Why? I really need to study for something but most of the people I end up studying with makes it pretty hard.

These are five types of people you will find in (almost) every study group:

Person Number 1: Most of you.

Ok, this person is the one who wants to study but really is afraid that the others want to talk instead of actually studying so, he or she makes an effort to keep everybody from opening books.
I must admit this is totally me. I feel like, when I’m studying with friends, they are all judging me for studying so, to look cool and normal and stuff, I try to keep everybody happy by talking for hours when the exam is like... the next day.

Person Number 2: Your soul mate

This kind of person divides into two groups: the actually boyfriend of girlfriend or the one that wants to be your girlfriend or boyfriend.
If it is your other half, then you really won't to be able to study at all. Not even a bit. Their beauty will distract you so, please, try not to study with them.
If it is someone who wants to be more than friends and you don’t, then may God have mercy on your soul! I bet you didn’t want to study with him but he just can’t get away from you! It’s like you’re glued together.
If it is someone who wants to be more than friends AND you want to. Oh, that is lovely. But, just like I said: concentration=zero!

Person Number 3: The best friend

I don’t even need to say anything, do you?
In the beginning, you will be all focus on the books then, five seconds later, it’s time to talk about your teacher’s son.

Person Number 4: The best student in your class

If you want to get good grades, this is the best person to study with.

Person Number 5: The one that is always talking about how he or she doesn’t need study...

...because he is so smart and blah, blah, blah...
(but he actually studies more than everyone else. Figures.)

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: CollegeDegrees360