Creative Ways To Ask A Guy Out

It's 2014, yo! As embarrassing as it is, I think it's time for women to stand up and ask their crushes out. Waiting can get a little tiring after a while, you know. But what are some creative ways to ask a guy out?

Write him a note and tuck it where he can find it later

In his pocket, in his bag, in his locker, in his umbrella, in his hat, in his book... Tuck it somewhere as a surprise for him. It'll be a totally special discovery.

Sing it

If you're musically gifted (unlike me), sing a love song to him. If he smiles or responds to your song in another positive way, ask him out at the end of the song.

Play the Question Game

Basically, ask each other questions, taking turns to answer them. And halfway through the game, BAM, ask him out. If you're lucky, he'll say yes.

If you're too chicken to do something in real life, go virtual

Of course, asking a guy out over FB is the worst idea ever. Instead, make a video on YouTube and send a private link to him.

Watch a movie together

I've personally never tried this, but it works in movies so why can't it work in real life? Just watch a movie together and you'll end up kissing when the mood allows it. It's the golden Hollywood rule.

Steal his phone and put in a reminder to ask YOU out

Saves you all the trouble from actually asking the dude out. Clever, eh?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Garry Knight