How to Deal With Someone You Don't Particularly Like

As I'm writing right now, there are two kids who I'm babysitting that I really, really do NOT like. They're the rudest kids I've ever met, they don't listen, and they insist on knowing every single detail of my personal life. Like, just go away and leave me alone. It's not like I'm getting paid to look after them (my mom's friend's kids. Ugh.), but I know I shouldn't shun them and tell them to go look after themselves. Sigh. So anyway... I've piled up a list of ideas on how to deal with someone you don't like. We all have people we don't necessarily like spending time with, don't we? I hope these tips help you free your mind from nightmarish people you have to deal with from time to time.

Have positive thoughts

This one's a hard one. I mean, right now, my mind is swirling with negative thoughts as I watch the two kids throw my Harry Potter books around. Hold on.

Okay. I've chased them to the TV and they're watching a movie. Ugh. Writing this article is going to be harder than I thought... Anywho. Experts say that changing your mindset about the person you are annoyed about, let's call him Joe, is a good way to deal with that certain person Joe. Change the way you perceive Joe and change the way you react to what he does. Be positive.

Draw your boundaries and stick to them

No one touches my Harry Potter books. I repeat, NO ONE. They're one of my most precious belongings. I can't live without my Harry Potter books, so no one touches them. Let Joe know that he is crossing the boundaries when he is doing something you don't tolerate. Be upfront about where you stand and make sure you don't get pushed over by Joe or you'll just be miserable.

And that goes over to my next point...

Be firm, if needed

If Joe doesn't listen, start with a gentle reminder about your boundaries. If he still doesn't listen, be a little more upfront about it. Just draw the line right there and tell him, "No." Communication is really important when dealing with Joe. Leaving him alone won't accomplish anything.

If that doesn't work...

Just avoid situations where you have to be with "that person"

This is probably easy for most of us. Well, for me, 'cause of familial obligations, I have to look after these hellish kids, but a lot of us CAN avoid the situations and places where Joe may be. If he's not going to listen, it's better not to mingle or be with him.

These are my tips for you. I hope they help you deal with your personal Joes. I guess I have to go look after those two kids and, y'know, have *shudder* positive thoughts about them. Well... Wish me luck!

-Barista Mia-

Image: tumblr (She's the Man)