How To: Valentine's Day For Single People

The quickening arrival of Valentine's Day is likely to either fill you with excitement or... well, the opposite. Some people very much enjoy being single, I mean, you get to be fairly independent and of course, you don't feel guilty every time you notice an insanely attractive boy or girl (and it doesn't matter if you take an obvious glance). However, sometimes, on this day in particular, you just can't help but notice the lovey-dovey couples and feel a slight surge of what might be envy or desire. Don't worry though- you don't have to spend this Valentine's Day moping, or even alone for that matter!

If you have some single friends who are also free on February 14th, why not spend it together? Friends are important, arguably just as much or even more than a boyfriend or girlfriend. So have a party, a sleepover, a night out... Maybe watch some soppy films or extremely non-soppy films (if you intend on avoiding the romantic theme altogether). Show your friends just how important they are to you, because after all- this is a day of love.
Speaking of expressing feelings of love, show your parents (or any other family members for that matter) just how much you appreciate them! Whether you decide to cook them something delicious for dinner or buy a well-thought-out gift, whatever you do will go very much appreciated. Remember, February 14th is a day to celebrate love, whether it be platonic, romantic or just love between family members.
You could also make this day a You-Day. By this I mean seriously pampering yourself. Buy (or even send) yourself chocolates and make sure you have stocked up on ice-cream. Treat yourself to something, and don't feel guilty, because after all, this day is all about you. Do everything you enjoy, and be sincere about it! It is important to love oneself, just as much as it is important to love others.
So don't fret as Valentine's Day looms ever closer. Instead- celebrate it!

-Barista Ria-

Image: Selena N. B. H.