Sweater + Spring/Summer Dress = Perfection

It's not officially spring yet. I mean, it snowed only yesterday where I'm at. I still need to be careful to wear a thick jacket every time I go out, but the weather is warming up and, well, the confusion of how to dress up every time is starting to arise in everybody's minds. What do you wear when it's cold, but not cold enough? I don't have many solutions, but I do have one AWESOME that could save you from a headache:

Wear a sweater on top of your spring dress or skirt and voila. Pure perfection. Here are some examples to follow:

Who says you can't play with colors in the winter?

Cute and comfy. Perfect for class.

When you pair a nice skirt/dress with a sweater, there's no rule that says you need to look cute. You can look chic too!

PS. Sorry for the late post, guys. I lost track of time... and Internet.

-Barista Mia-

Image: zoë biggs, Barbro Andersen