How to NOT Procrastinate

Procrastination's become a bit of a problem for me. I keep pushing things back because there are a million other things I would rather be doing. I currently have to write some essays and do a Sociology project, but I've been putting everything back. I thought it's now time for me to set my priorities straight and become productive. So I've piled up a list of tips for myself to keep myself from procrastination and get myself to work. And then I thought, "Why not share my tips with the readers of LTC?"

Make every second count

Every second you're doing nothing, you're wasting your time. So get off that lazy butt and get to work when you realize you have some spare time.

Create a list of things to do for that day

I keep talking about lists. I love lists. They're life-saving. Just write everything you need to do for today and make it your goal to cross out everything on your list before you call it a day.

Do the hard stuff first

You'll feel way more productive. And once the hard stuff are out of the way, you'll feel like a baggage has been lifted off your shoulders, making you even more productive as you finish off the rest of the items your list.

If you're prone to daydreaming (like me), time yourself

Set a time limit for the things you are doing. Like, the dishes, for instance. You can set the timer for fifteen minutes and you can try finishing everything in under fifteen minutes. Plus, trying to beat time is fun! It'll be like a little game.

Don't forget to take little five-ten minute breaks

You know that first tip at the beginning? Well, sometimes, it is necessary to give your brain some time to breathe. Have some chocolate, go on Facebook for a while... but time yourself! You don't want to end up spending the rest of your day being unproductive.

Reward yourself at the end of the day

This is one tip that I reuse often as rewarding yourself becomes a huge incentive. When you're done with EVERY SINGLE THING on your list, reward yourself. I usually reward myself with sleep as I'm usually done with everything at 2am. Sad, I know. But sleep is an awesome gift. Other gift ideas include a midnight snack, a movie, or some free Internet time where you can do whatever you want.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Christos Loufopoulos