9 Reasons To Travel The World

Since the age of five, I have had this wildest thought revolving around my head. The thought scared me, made me shiver. It is an idea many have dreamed of, yet few have actually pursued.

The thought of traveling, walking across globe, taking on the world.

What are nine reasons to explore the Earth?

1. The universe outside the world you are used to.

European explorers were so lucky. Back then, they never knew where they were heading, or what awaited them on the other side. That gave them a sense of pure curiosity and an overload of excitement.
That is the thing about the term "wanderlust". It's a desire to travel, because travelling brings you to a different dimension, to a realm you never thought existed. Seeing things you never see in your daily life, inhaling a different kind of breeze, feeling an unfamiliar ambiance. It just feels right, perfect.

2. The chance of falling in love.

Michelle Phan, Youtube's greatest make up guru has the hottest boyfriend on the face of the Earth. Do you know where she met him? In Paris.
They say there are so many fishes in the sea. What if your fish is from another ocean? The Atlantic Ocean, perhaps? Travelling gives you the chance to open your book to many kinds of people, the chance to open your heart and fall in the crazy but magical hands of love.

3. The adventure that awaits you.

Adventure. That is the very tempting word that lurks behind every traveller's heart. Going to the jungles of Australia? Clubbing in Las Vegas? It's all about the different adventures you get yourself into.

4. The language for your tongue. The knowledge for your mind

The most multilingual people are travellers. Why? Wait. Do you really need to ask why? Of course it's because of the different countries they've gone to visit. Well, that is something you won't learn in any of your language classes. Because real education is in the field. And the world is your field.

5. The FOOD, duh!

From the most sophisticated French and Italian cuisines to the street foods in Macau, you can't miss anything out. The exotic foods you taste on your travels will be some of your best memories.

6. The freedom you want to experience.

Being out in the world is like being a little fish swimming the depths of the open ocean. You know it is dangerous, but at least, you are free. As the wind paces towards your face, you can raise your hands up and move with the beat of life. You are free.

7. The break you deserve.

It doesn't matter how your boss held you behind for so long, it doesn't matter how long you worked so hard in class. You can finally leave all your work for a moment, forget all your problems and pain as you walk across the globe. Why? Because the skies are your deadlines right now, that's why.

8. The inspiration that you will meet,

Travelling the world means opening your eyes to a whole new set up. It gives you a different perspective. But what's more important is the inspiration your heart will create as soon as you've stepped out of your comfort zone. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to find it.

9. The memories that will stay forever.

Happy memories. The visions that we never get tired of playing over and over again. Looking back, reminiscing,  gives you this absolutely beautiful feeling because memories are spells bound to stay in your heart forever.
Also, do not forget to take pictures and videos. Lots of 'em. As Nicholas Sparks said in Safe Haven, "You'll take a lot of pictures and only regret the ones that you didn't take."

-Guest Barista Czarina-

Image: Dave C