5 Modern Inventions I Simply Cannot Live Without

The modern era has given birth to a billion things that are now essential to our daily lives. I could do without some of these newer inventions like Google Glasses (ugly much?), but there are other new inventions that I just cannot live without. What are they, you ask? Well...


To many people, headphones aren't necessarily something that they really need. But I NEED them. I get bored super easily when I'm alone, so I always whip out my headphones and jam away to music or watch YouTube videos. And when I'm at home and don't want to disturb anybody, headphones come in real handy.

The Internet

Internet is still not installed into my new home, but hopefully, it'll be very soon. Anyway, for the past two months or so, my house has had absolutely no connection to Internet and it's really frustrating. I mean, besides all the entertainment available online, I also need to be able to study and post blog posts!

The Smartphone

My smartphone broke and I was left with no phone for about two weeks. Two FRUSTRATING weeks, I might add. I explode when I can't Google something at the exact moment a question pops up in my head. Also, the apps installed into my phone are more than useful for my daily life. My calorie counter, my dictionary, my Bible, my Twitter, etc... all in one small device I can hold in one hand!

The Laptop/Computer

The smartphone screen is a little too small and frustrating at times. Especially when I'm typing a paper or doing something else that smartphones are just no good at. At times like these, I sneak my dad's laptop into my room and do everything I need to do before my dad comes up to my room to ask me whether I've seen his computer. Heh.


Without Wi-Fi, I can't use my smartphone or laptop or anything! Wi-Fi is the foundation for all these wonderful inventions centered around the Internet. Need I say any more?

I don't know. I find it kind of sad that we are relying on stuff like the Internet when our ancestors needed nothing but a spear to hunt with. But I guess we do live in the 21st Century where the Internet is central to our daily lives. Oh well. What are some things YOU can't live without? Comment away!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Ashok Govind