The Importance of Friendship

Friends. We all love our friends. Friends are one of life's most essential ingredients, but we need to appreciate and make the most of them. Would we be able to keep happy if we didn't have our friends, even if we sometimes don't notice them?
Sometimes we come home after a long and boring day of toiling over textbooks, and need a bit of lighthearted gossip to cheer us up. Fun days out with friends are essential to happiness too; what would life be without them?

It's so nice to have people in your life with things in common with you. Family members don't always understand what it's like to be you, but friends are more likely to. They go to the same classes, have the same homework and maybe favourite school subjects, dislike the same teachers, and have the same mutual friends as you.

It's also nice when someone who's going through the emotional problems you are. I often go from "I'm so alone, nobody understands me, woe is me!" to "I'm loved! Thank goodness for so-and-so's advice!"

Talking about things like that can open up new fields of intimacy for you and your friend, too. Getting to know someone down to their innermost soul can be really rewarding. As is turning the help and support tables the other way round and helping someone else out.

So, if you ever fall out with a friend or it's one of those days when it seems like no one loves you, bear in mind the things your good friends actually do for you, and let that show you that they love you- even if they don't know it themselves! And don't be afraid to tell them you love them too!

Giving friendship bracelets is one way of doing this.

How important do you think friendship is? Leave a comment below!

-Barista Sabita-