Awkward Valentine's Day Moments

Valentine's Day is comin' up and we all know how awkward this special day could be. I mean, like, how are you supposed to ACT without looking so out of place? Well, you aren't alone if you feel uncomfortable whenever Valentine's Day comes along.

Here are just some of the most awkward moments I and countless others experience:

You're invited to spend time with this guy you've had a crush on since forever, but a date is CLEARLY not on his mind

For Valentine's Day, isn't it customary to watch a romantic comedy, not, y'know, a movie with more sliced heads per frame than kissing?

You TRY to be all romantic and stuff, but stupid things keep distracting ya

You go in for the kiss and then, ring ring, the phone stops you. You start to cuddle and then your brother decides to barge into your room... You get the picture.

You really REALLY want to break up with this person, but it's Valentine's Day, and it's rude

A break up's been on your mind for a while, but now that Valentine's Day has arrived, you just can't end a relationship. It'll just make you seem heartless.

You give your date a gift, but your date has NOTHING for you

Are you serious?

You cook something, but it seems like your date isn't really enjoying the food

I spent five hours cooking that, yo. Just please, PLEASE tell me it's good!

You're single (like me) and you're surrounded by couples everywhere

Sometimes, it makes you feel like a loner. Other times, well, Barista Ria has some solutions.

You're kinda going out with someone, but you aren't totally sure, so you don't know whether you should be together on Valentine's Day

Ah. The inner turmoil of deciding whether you are boyfriend-girlfriend. Sigh.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Elizabeth Ashley Jerman