How To Wait For Those Impending College Decisions

We honestly can’t help counting down the days until our college admission decisions are released. I’ve written a couple other college admissions-related posts a few months ago, and I think it is now high time to write a new one. This time, on how to wait for those horrifying impending decisions on March 22, March 27, April 1... all those random dates that are less than two months away *insert panicked emoticon here*.

Don’t spend too much time browsing on the Internet

I am aware that the Internet is a major part of everybody’s leisure time, but when you’re waiting for decisions from your schools, it is a pretty bad idea. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself on your dream college’s website ('cause you have a need to stalk the school), a prospie forum ('cause fellow prospies are your allies and you must talk to them about everything you're feeling), an application status check site ('cause it might give you a clue as to whether your file's been read or not), the Common App (‘cause you need to reread your essay for the hundredth time although it’s already been sent), or some other site that will only heighten your anxiety. Not good.

Set another goal to accomplish before decisions are out

This is the tip that is getting me going on with my life at the moment. My goal, which I am not going to tell you, is what I’m setting my sights on. I’ve set a deadline for it at March 20 (when my first college decision comes out) and I’m working my hardest to accomplish it. This is a much more productive way to spend your waiting time than just crying on your bed, shuddering as you think about D-Day.

Forget about college

Yeah, I know. Easier said than done. After all, it seems our lives are now revolving around the single decision of all the colleges we applied to. But just try to forget about those incoming decisions. Focus on your studies, having fun, and making the most of your senior year instead of woefully asking about your chances at your dream college on College Confidential.

-Barista Mia-