5 Fruits That Can Replace Your Unhealthy Snacks

I’m a fruit lover. I prefer it to cookies. So, when I need to eat a snack, I always eat fruit. There is many types of fruits for many types of people.

For you, popcorn lovers as myself, I would recommend grapes. You don’t need to peel them. So, laziness is not an excuse. Besides they are delicious. The “white” grapes, as they are known, almost taste like candy.

Chocolate cookies… what a dilemma. They are really addicting! But a simple orange can help you. They are fresh, healthy and you won’t feel hungry after you eat just one of this tasty fruits.

Apple! No, I’m not talking about iPhones, I’m talking about one the healthiest fruits. You can cut it like french fries and enjoy an evening of infinite zapping.

Next up, bananas. (*laughs*) Seriously, this is the easiest fruit to eat and it’s a good replacement for gummy bears.

Lollipops can be replaced with peaches. They can be sticky as well and they will fill your stomach for a long time. You won’t feel the need to eat and you can occupy your mind with other thoughts.

Lastly, I will recommend kiwi because, personally, I love it. It’s luscious and you can easily eat it with a spoon.

So, what are you waiting for? Go watch your favorite TV series with a plate full of fruits.

-Barista Alexandra-