Facebook vs. Twitter

Facebook and Twitter- which do you prefer? Some people are fervent FB lovers; others hate it and stick to Twitter. I personally adore both, but spend more time on Facebook, mainly because more of my friends have it. Here are some points to consider...

• Like I said, often more people have Facebook than Twitter. Facebook is a general tool for everyday life (how sad that sounds!) and everyone goes on it regularly. Twitter, on the other hand, is more for unusual people who want a vent where no one knows them...and maybe a place to go when they're drunk.

• There is a beautifully friendly community on Facebook for page admins. I'm am admin on seven pages including Hunger Games fan-pages, a poetry and writing one and a depression help page. It's a joy sharing stuff with the likers and getting tonnes of likes and comments, and I've made some of my best friends though admin group chats.

• Twitter has the advantage in that you can have a wider public audience. It's easy to get a couple of thousand followers and hopefully have them all see your Tweets. That's not as likely to happen as it is for everyone to see Facebook posts, though, as if you have that many followers you probably follow a good many people too (unless you are Harry Styles) and they may not read their whole news feed.

• But the Twitter community can be awesome too. You're more likely to meet awesome new people on Twitter if you follow people you don't know in real life.

• Rants- difficult with 140. Ah, the 140-character limit- one of the great banes of Twitter! As much as it makes us value our words, it prevents us from expressing ourselves voluminously or creatively. Unless you use the short slot to your advantage and be clever in your phrasing...

-Barista Sabita-

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