3 TV Teen Comedy-Drama Series You Need to Watch

1. My Mad Fat Diary

This is one of my favorite series of all time. Actually, it is my favorite. It tells the story of Rachel “Rae” Earl, a teenage girl who struggles with many problems such as obesity and low self-esteem and writes a diary to keep herself together. This show will change your life. What Rae writes about will become your life motto.

This series hasn’t got any flaws. The cast is perfect, the dialogue is credible, the graphics are enjoyable... You have to watch it. Plus, there are amazingly hot guys that will break not only Rae’s heart but also yours. Don’t worry; there is always Finn to save the day. (God, that boy is handsome).

I have laughed, cried, thrown pillows at the screen and wasted a ridiculous amount of tissues while watching the show so, yeah, that’s how good it is.

Unfortunately, there are only thirteen episodes and it is unknown if there will be a third season. Personally, I don’t mind how it ended and I really don’t want this series to turn into those shows where great relationships are destroyed just to keep it interesting. On the bright side, the thirteen episodes won’t disappoint you. In fact, you might feel the urge to watch them over and over again. (Who doesn’t want to see Finn shirtless at least three times? P.S: Yes, I have an obsession with Finn. You will have it too if you watch the series.)

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the series is set in Lincolnshire? Get ready to listen to that fantastic British accent. 

2. Awkward

Hello, America! Awkward is also a teen comedy series that focus on the life of another teenage girl, Jenna Hamilton, who attempts to commit suicide (actually, it was a mistake). This series is addicting, lovely and funny. You cannot contain a laugh while watching even one episode of this brilliant show.

As you can expect of this kind of genre, there are also handsome guys to make your heart melt. This series will brighten your day with genuine jokes and spontaneous characters. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind going to Jenna’s high school every day.

3. Misfits

And back to Britain! God, you guys are on fire. Misfits is a brilliant comedy series which follows the life of a group of young offenders who obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm.

It’s funny, painful, crazy... it’s everything you need.

So that’s my list, lovely people. Now, go get some popcorn and enjoy the series. (Have I already mentioned that Finn is really, really hot? I have? Wow. My obsession is growing strong.)

-Barista Alexandra-

Imag: My Mad Fat Diary still, Awkward season 3 poster, Misfits poster