Introducing: ClothesEncounters

I'm a YouTube freak. I'm always hanging around this site and, as a result, I stumble across new YouTubers constantly. Unfortunately, a lot of these users aren't really blog post-worthy. But a couple weeks ago, I came across this YouTuber called ClothesEncounters. She, as you can probably tell by her username, is a fashionista. She loves clothes, she dresses really well, and she has tips all over her YouTube account. I love watching her videos to pick up fashion tips. She's awesome. The best part is that short people, like me, can pick up her tips without the fear of appearing even shorter than usual. Jenn, AKA ClothesEncounters, is only 5'1.

I thought it would be great to introduce you guys to her, so here are some of my favorite videos from her channel:

Jenn knows exactly how to dress for different types of people. She's literally a fashion genius. I love her outfits and ideas.

I'm from Korea and I swear I've never even heard of some of these places/festivals. Boo. Tourists get all the fun. On another note, once again, I lurve her outfits. Her fashion style is so cute.

Not exactly fall right now (more like spring), but I seriously love Jenn's stuff in this video.

A spring version of the huge fall haul video.

This is one of Jenn's more popular videos. It's ironic 'cause her channel focuses more on fashion than makeup, but whatevs. She'd make a cool makeup guru too

I hope you enjoyed these videos. You can check out more of her stuff on her YouTube channel clothesencounters.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Jenn's Twitter