The Voice UK 2014

I'm normally a massive fan of The Voice UK, but this year kind of started going downhill from the Knockouts, if you ask me. And it didn't really stop going that way.

The moment Jai McConnell was sent home after her Knockout performance, I seriously started questioning whether the judges were getting bored after three years or not paying enough attention, or maybe drunk. I loved Jai.

She wasn't the only exceptionally good one they got rid of too early. Most people were expecting Jessica, Anna, Jazz and many more to go through to the live rounds, but they didn't. Let's have a look at some of these singers and their awesome voices.


Jessica Steel auditioned last year but got no turns, then tried again this year and had all the coaches begging for her to pick them. (This exact thing happened in Seasons 1-2 with another singer, and she was more successful in the long run.) Pity it didn't work so well this time; after specially promising to fight for her, Will neglected her in the battle. Ricky "stole" her but didn't bring her through the next round, either.


Out of everyone who auditioned this year, Anna's is probably the only music I would actually buy. I have a soft spot for folk, not to mention folk sung by such a sweet voice, not even to mention folk played along with that infamous harp. It would have been brilliant if she had been in the finals, but alas! Didn't happen.


As I said, I fell in love with Jai's blind audition and fell asleep with the YouTube video of it on repeat for the next several nights. Although her singing style wasn't quite as unique as people said it was (Luciee Marie sounded very much like her!) it was captivating to listen to. Plus she's Irish, like me.


Sophie was the only one who in my opinion got as far as she deserved. She was the one who walked, talked and sang Vintage. Who doesn't love "Moon River"? Sophie got to the Live Semi-Finals. Hooray!


Now I'm not just saying this but *whispers* I had expected that Jermain would win, out of all the finalists.'s been coaching for three seasons and not won yet, so it was about time he did. Jermain is a retro singer too, but no match for Sophie, if you ask me.

So, now this series of The Voice UK is over, I wonder how our winner will do with his debut and whether things will be better next year! What did you think of the series? What were your highlights and worst bits?

-Barista Sabita-

Image: The Voice logo