My Study Foods

I’m on the Easter Holidays, AKA study break (insert unenthusiastic cheer) and of course at some point during the vast piles of past papers, hunger will come. I have listed the foods I personality eat during studying, for my own personal reasons; no research has been done into what foods are beneficial, etc. (in fact some are pretty unhealthy).

1)      Tea

Yeah this is a drink, not a food but I drink so much of it during my study sessions. I don’t like drinking multiple cups of coffee in the day and hot chocolate can become a bit too sickly during studying so tea is the best option. I know, writing this, I sound so British, but I personally don’t know where that stereotype came from –I’m British and most people I know are coffee drinkers (if you know where it comes from tell me).

2)      Sherbet Lemons

I don’t come from a big, sweet eating house and chances are when we do have a bag of sweets it’ll usually be sherbet lemons. Don’t ask why. So when I want a sweet to suck on during my studies, this will be what I turn to. Plus you can pretend to be Dumbledore (Dumbledore loves them, remember?) with them and perhaps that Dumbledore-ish vibe will enter into studying.

3)      Tinned spaghetti

Back in primary, when I went home for lunch, I would have tinned spaghetti. So during study break, this is how I like to replicate this meal: Cheese melted in, burned bits at the edges and toast chopped into triangles. Lazy, quick food makes me remember I’m only on a lunch break and I have to get back to schoolwork pronto.

-Barista Ellen-

Image: Laurel F