5 Female Characters That Make Game of Thrones the Best TV Show Ever

Valar Morghulis! How is everybody doing? I’m so excited since Season 4 of the HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones has started! I thought it would be a fantastic idea to talk about one of the things this series has that makes it such a gripping show: the female characters. I had a hard time making this list owing to the fact that George R.R. Martin created many female leaders and all of them are absolutely brilliant. I mean, I had to cut out Shae (yeah, I know, I’m a terrible human being), Osha (she was one my favorites), Lady Catelyn Stark (It’s still difficult to talk about her after the Red Wedding, you have to understand. That episode broke all kinds of hearts), Ygritte (I know nothing!) and many others...

Still, I had to think of who the fans love and who plays better the game. So, here they are, the top five.

5. Brienne of Tarth

You will never meet someone as loyal as her. She is a strong but emotional character at the same time. Brienne is unique and a fighter; plus, she refuses to have the typical female role that women of Westeros have. Therefore, she places number 5 on the list. I just couldn’t cut her off.

4. Arya Stark

Everybody loves brave and curious Arya Stark. Like Brienne, she is a fighter and she intends to become something more than a wife. She has to be ruthless in order to survive and to get her revenge.

3. Margaery Tyrell

This character came out of nowhere to become one of the game’s best players. Should we trust her? We might never know, but we sure love her! She gets along with the minorities but she intends to become the Queen. She won’t stop till she gets what she wants.

2. Sansa Stark

Remember the first time we saw her? Oh man, we hated her but she has since become more than we could ever have imagined. She grew up, learned that the world isn’t a fairy tale and became a survivor. She is no longer the little brat we knew.

1. Daenerys Targaryen

Do I need to explain why she is the best female character on TV? Her children are Dragons and she ate a whole heart. Need I say more?

-Barista Alexandra-

Image: Game of Thrones title card