Choosing a School

Okay. With all our college acceptances in our back pockets, it's now time to choose which school to attend for the next four years of our lives. But how the heck do we do that?

List out the pros and cons of each school

List out everything that matters to you from the social atmosphere to sports to professors and classes... Write down every reason you would want to attend each school and write down every reason you wouldn't want to attend each school.

(Re)Visit the schools on your list

Visiting schools does wonders. It can help you like a school even more or it could help you like a school a little less. Either way, it can help you to reshape your college list.

Compare the aid awards

How much you pay for a school can impact your entire future. No school, not even the best school in the world, is worth ending up in deep debt. Only keep the schools that are actually financially feasible on your list. Say good-bye to the rest.

Keep your end goal in mind

If your goal is to get to medical school, it's a good idea to pick the cheapest option of all your schools (medical school can get hecka expensive). And it's probably a pretty bad idea for a premed student to go to a school with grade deflation. GPA is important when applying to med schools, after all. Just like this, keep your end goal in mind and compromise with it. Don't veer off track.

Good luck with finding the right school!

-Barista Mia-