Make-Up Essentials

I am personally a big makeup lover, but the problem is, I don't have enough money in my pocket to get all the makeup products that I want. I'm restricted to getting solely those makeup products that I actually need. I know that there are many other teens like me out there, so I decided to share what I believe are the make-up essentials every girl should have in her makeup bag.


I always buy foundation with SPF, but that doesn't mean I'm still a little wary of how many sun rays might hit my skin. So for a little extra protection for my face, I put on some suncream before I put on foundation. Better safe than sorry.




I honestly couldn't live without concealer. I get pretty bad under eye circles and some parts of my skin need a little extra covering up. Concealer is a savior for those who need to cover up those pesty imperfections.


Powder is literally something I cannot live without. Powder smooths out my face, powder makes sure I avoid that horrible shiny-face-syndrome, powder sets my foundation and concealer, and powder just makes everything look perfect. Powder is the best finishing touch for every girl's makeup look.


A little color on your skin can go a long way. In Korea, it's in vogue for students to slap on a whole heap of foundation that is two shades lighter than their skin and wear absolutely no color on their cheeks. It honestly looks super scary and unflattering. Blush is a must, people. Those rosy cheeks will give so much life to your skin.

Eyelash curler

If you're blessed with naturally curled lashes, good for you! I, and millions of other girls, on the other hand, are not so lucky. But thank goodness for eyelash curlers!


This is the first makeup product every girl gets and for good reason. Mascara really opens up the eyes and makes you looks more awake. Mascara is a must have in every girl's makeup bag for sure.


Eyeliner is what puts a little more glamour into your makeup look. Seriously, a little eyeliner can go a long way. Besides, eyeliner also accentuates the shape of your eyes and makes them appear bigger and more open (similar to mascara).

Neutral eyeshadow palette

You have the greens, the blues, the pinks, but what you REALLY need in your makeup bag is the neutrals. Neutral eyeshadow goes with every outfit and with every look. You can't live without a neutral eyeshadow palette.


What's a makeup look without any color on your lips? I am a bigger fan of lipstick than lipgloss as I love the matte look of lipstick, but both lipstick and lipgloss perfects your makeup look to a T. Lip color is a must have.

So these are my make-up essentials. What are yours?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Andy Rennie