Get That Christmas Cheer Inside Your Room!

You go outside and there are Christmas lights and decorations everywhere, but once you come back inside to the warmth of your bed... well, things don't look so Christmas-y anymore. Wow. You really need to teach your bedroom a little something about Christmas spirit. So what can you do to up the Christmas feel of your, uh, y'know, not-so-Christmasy bedroom?

Get a mini Christmas tree

You don't need a full Christmas tree that reaches all the way up to the ceiling. A small one to leave on the corner of your desk will suffice. Anyway, it'll look soooo adorable and it'll make you go all "awwww".

Hang Christmas lights

I personally love doing this even though it's not Christmas. It ups the festiveness of the room and looks super pretty. I especially love to hang these lights over my bed to make my bed area look cosy and cute.

Play Christmas music

Ah. Christmas music. What's a better sound to the air than that? Play some soft Christmas music in the background in your room and it'll automatically feel like Christmas is near. (Oh, and FYI, it is)

Get a Santa or Rudolph doll for your bed

Eek! Can you imagine how adorable these dolls would look sitting on your bed as you (not so) patiently wait for Christmas to come already? Besides, I bet Santa would be really happy to see you have a doll of him and might give you an extra good present. *wink*


I don't know how candles are associated with Christmas but I like it. Something about candles make everything look so, I don't know, winter-y and Christmas-y. Ooh! For an even better Christmas effect, get candles that smell like the smell of wood burning in the fireplace.

Put a plate of cookies in your room

Not only are they delicious, they make great Christmas decorations. Well, before you eat them all up anyway.

Now those are my Christmas room decorating tips only for you. So you better get crackin' and go decorate your room and not waste my tips, yo! Get your room and butt ready for Christmas. FIVE DAYS LEFT!

-Barista Mia-

Image: elisasizzle