How To Survive Without the Internet


My family just moved houses to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, which basically means... No Internet. Yup. I have no Internet. It’s taking me a whole lot of pain in the butt to get this blog running as usual. (I’m literally knocking on neighbors' doors asking them if they have Internet and ugh.) Anyway, besides stuff that I’m obligated to do, I’m not allowed to use more data or access the Internet much at all. And that got me thinking... Why don’t I do a blog post about surviving the wild world of No-Internet-Land? I mean, what kind of stuff can you do (if any) when you have no Internet access?


Reading is such a lost art nowadays. Pick that book up from your shelf and start reading! Time flies past really well and you can have waay more adventures through stories than you’ll ever have with the Internet.

Do something useful with your life

Finish your homework, help your mom, clean the house, cook some food... Do whatever you can to keep your mind and body moving. If you just stay still while whining about there being no Internet, you suck.

Go outside

You’ll be surprised at how many things you can do outside. You can go shopping, have snowball fights, meet up with some friends... If you’re really craving for some media, I guess you could go out and watch a movie at the theatre or something. That’s cool too.

Yeah. The Internet is pretty much crucial to our everyday lives, but there will come a time when you’re stuck with no Internet. Take my tips with you just in case you end up in the same situation as me. You can never be too prepared. And, um, if you do end up with no Internet... Good luck. You’ll need it.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Avenue G