How To Get Your Fave Celeb's Look

Hey girls! If you're anything like me, you have some favorite celebrities that you like to emulate. Maybe it's their awesome hairdo, or their super singing ability. Some things are nearly impossible to impersonate, but something very fun that you can do easily is get their look. The best part about it is that you don't have to have Gucci shades or a Prada purse to get your point across. You simply have to figure out your fave celeb's signature style and get a decent approximation.
One of my favorite celebrities is Taylor Swift. I love how she keeps it classy and always seems to have some sort of retro vibe going on, so those are the distinguishing trademarks I'm going to focus on. Taylor has worn skirts, pants, and dresses so the options are wide open. My favorite look of hers is when she wears a simple, forties-inspired dress, so that would be my starting point. Then I would pair it with some simple shoes, maybe ballet flats, and from there I would make the style my own with some accessories. The point isn't to try to pass for the celebrity, but to have an 'inspired by' style. If you really want to get into the look, you can do hair and makeup as well. For Miss Swift I would definitely apply red lipstick- a signature of hers- and give my hair loose, flowy curls.
You can do this for any celebrity you like; you might be surprised how simple it is to do when you figure out what it is exactly about their style that you love. However, some celebs are harder than others without a lot of altering. But even if your fave celeb is Lady Gaga, you can still accessorize like her!
I hope you have fun figuring out your celeb's look! Fashion can be tricky, so if you have someone's style you like, you can use theirs as a template to help you find your own. They don't even have to be a celebrity; maybe your sister, neighbor or schoolmate is a fashion queen! Just remember in the end that you're a unique person, and to be yourself and have fun.
I hope this helps inspire you fashionistas out there, and I'd love it if you tweet me a pic of you in your new inspired outfits!

-Barista Nicole-

Image: Taylor Swift's Twitter