What To Do on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is only tomorrow. Can you believe it? Anyway. No one wants to do nothing on the day before Christmas, so what kind of things could you do?

Go shopping

I love to shop and going to the mall is a luxury for me. On Christmas Eve, I love to go shopping and the crowd of girls and women going Christmas shopping only excites me more. What's more fun than wrestling a pair of cute boots from another person?

Go to a party

A pretty classic thing to do the day before Christmas. Go join a party somewhere with a handful of your friends and have fun!

Do makeovers with your best friend

And on your brother too, for good measure. Slobber your face with makeup, wear the most outrageous clothes, make some awesome memories, and take embarrassing pictures for Facebook.

Make plans for Christmas

I tend to do everything last minute. If you're like me, then planning to do things on Christmas would be a great way to spend your time.

Hang out with your friends

There's a big chance you might be with your family on D-Day, so spend Christmas Eve with your friends. Go watch a movie, have dinner, pull pranks on the unsuspecting public, I don't know. Just do something fun and worth remembering.

Be nice to people

Go outside and look for someone to help out. Christmas and the spirit of giving is synonymous. Help a grandma with her groceries, help a young child find his way back home, or give a homeless man a nice meal and have a little chat with him. Be someone's superhero for the day.


-Barista Mia-

Image: Javcon117*