3 New years resolutions to make for 2014

At the start of each year, there will always be more than just a few individuals obsessed with the idea of recreating themselves. There will always be thousands of people tweeting the words "New year, new me" or posting them on Facebook as midnight strikes on the first of January. But- honestly, how many of them really stick to it? A tiny weeny fraction, usually. Probably because it takes more than a minute or a couple of weeks to recreate your entire self. Really, you don't even need to start all over again. You just need to at least try and be the best you possibly can be. Here are a couple of ways you can do just that...

1) Be Healthier!
Ah, the obvious one. After the festive season, a substantial amount of us are left with feelings of guilt along with a couple of extra, unwanted pounds. I mean, who can blame you for gorging? Chocolate is abundant, along with fluffy cakes and cute decorated biscuits and whatnot. However, as glorious as they may taste, they are not so glorious to the skin, the arteries and various other parts of you. If you are wincing a little while reading this, maybe you should make it your mission to become a slightly healthier version of yourself. Whether it means joining a gym, changing up your diet a little bit or simply leaving the house more in order to get some fresh air, it's all beneficial!

2) Let Your Creative Side Out
Life can get monotonous, and sometimes we need an escape from our boring routines. Sometimes just a simple new hobby can provide exactly that. Repetition can sometimes suppress imagination and creativity, so maybe an interesting way to begin the new year would be to unleash whatever ideas you have already lying somewhere in the depths of your mind. For example, if you don't feel up to writing an entire novel or even a short story, why not attempt to write poetry? Or if you can't seem to manipulate words, you could attempt to create art or learn to play a new instrument. Even doodling idly is a starting point...

3) Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
Today, many young people tend to live their lives indoors or on the internet, just sticking with what's familiar. Probably because it's easy. However, it doesn't really allow you to bloom as an individual. Things are not the same online and although it is much easier to be open, it isn't exactly reality. As a socially-awkward internet addict, I can safely say the internet has not exactly helped me put myself out there in real life, and i'm sure many people feel the same way. So maybe it's time for some of us to do things we wouldn't normally do, because who knows- new hobbies, interests and relationships could arise form doing so. Why not try and work up the courage to talk to that person you kind of have a crush on (and I don't mean messaging them on Facebook). Or even apply for a new job, possibly one which allows you to interact with new people and do things which you aren't used to doing. Or simply join some kind of society, or perform. All you need to do is give yourself a push and it will definitely be worth it!

I am aware that new years resolutions are almost impossible to keep up, so here are a couple of tips which might help you make it through 2014 and maybe even through more years to come... Firstly, set yourself a goal, for example- you might have a target weight for the summer or you might just want to be able to play a specific song on the piano in a couple of months time. You could also motivate yourself by creating a mood board. Finally, of course, be positive about whatever you are trying to do and don't fill your mind with doubt. Also, remember, although it is a good starting point, you don't have to wait for the beginning of a new year to make a change. Good luck!

-Barista Ria-

Image: Kat