Disney Shows That Are Actually Worth Watching

Disney sucks. Or rather, Disney used to be awesome, but now it sucks. I really, really miss the times of That's So Raven, Kim Possible, Totally Spies, and Lizzie Mcguire. Sigh, Memories, man. Unfortunately, we can't bring any of these shows back unless we're watching episodes that we've watched a hundred billion times. So then. Are there any shows that are worth watching in this new and suck-y Disney channel? Funnily enough, there are! Just two, but they're just as fun as the old shows and they make up for the pure gross-ness of nowadays Disney shows.

Phineas and Ferb

I watch this show every freaking day. It's soooo good. It's about these two brothers who invent the coolest things ever and their sister's attempts to bust them to their mom. Ooh! And how could I forget Phineas and Ferb's platypus who does absolutely nothing but is secretly a secret agent? This show is funny, heartfelt... everything the old Disney shows were like before they were destroyed.

Good Luck Charlie

At first, I was wary of this show since it featured real people and real people shows in Disney nowadays are Stupid with a capital S. But this show is actually awesome. It's the story of a very "special" family and an older sister leaving video diaries to Charlie, the baby of the family (well, actually, Charlie is an older sister too now. Kinda sucks, but whatever), to help survive the family.

These two shows are the only things keeping me watching Disney channel as an all grown up eighteen year old girl. LOL. Anyway, y'all should go check these two shows out. They're really good. No lie.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Disney