How To Deal With "I Feel Gross And Ugly" Days

These types of days are inevitable. You wake up one morning and the only thing you feel is pure gross-ness. It feels like you haven't showered in months and it feels like you smell like the garbage can. Ugh. Waking up to an "I feel gross and ugly" day is so not cool. I've had plenty of these, so I'm going to pass on what works for me when I'm feeling really horrible.

Take a shower

I don't care whether I've taken one an hour before. I take another one and another until I feel better. A relaxing bath may work too. Pamper yourself in the shower and stay in the warm water as long as you want to. Yes, even if it means making your skin all wrinkly.

Style yourself

For me, what really works is styling my hair, doing my makeup, and putting on my prettiest dress. Do what makes you feel beautiful. I tend to straighten my hair until it's super perfect and slap on foundation, eye makeup, and lipgloss. I make myself look as pretty as possible even if I don't need to go out.


Maybe this only works on me because I'm obsessed with stretching, but stretching really helps relieve my brain a lot. It spreads this weird kind of peace all over my body after the initial, y'know, "ouch" moment.

Do something you really enjoy

I love to dance. So when I'm feeling super gross, I go straight into my living room and dance my butt off until the feeling of disgusting-ness goes away. Whatever your hobby is, do it. Film something, take a walk, play tennis, or throw some snowballs at unsuspecting strangers. Have fun!

And speaking of taking a walk and throwing snowballs...

Get some fresh air

Fresh air does wonders do your brain. It literally makes EVERY SINGLE THING ON THIS EARTH better. I know that on "I feel gross and ugly" days, you tend to want to stay inside and eat chocolate as you watch a movie, but that's not such a good idea. Go outside and breathe in that nice fresh wintry air, no matter how lazy you feel. Fresh air is a gift, y'all! Don't you dare reject it!

Hopefully, my tips will help you defeat the enemy that is "I feel gross and ugly" days. G'luck!

-Barista Mia-

Image: Elizabeth Ashley Jerman