Fashion Fads Suck. Be Yourself!

Everything comes and goes. Especially in fashion. Fashion fads are the worst things ever to catch up in. It seems one day, a flowy blouse is popular, but the next day, it's suddenly ew-worthy. What the heck happened in 12 hours?! Huh? Okay, I guess that's a little bit of a time exaggeration, but I have two points. I promise. Point #1: Fads don't last very long and it's unbelievably hard to catch up on the next fad unless you're some kind of fashion goddess or fortuneteller. Point #2: Who the heck cares about fads anyway? No more conforming to what your friends consider cool, no more asking Google what is "in" and what is "out". It's time to do stuff on your own. Yay!

Here are three items that I wear very often even though they're considered horrifying by the general public. And guess what? I don't care. I like them and I'm comfortable when I wear them, so leave me the heck alone.

Bootcut Jeans

No, they do NOT make me look like a cowboy. In fact, worn with heels, they look absolutely perfect. These boot-cut jeans make my legs look longer and thinner and ugh. I love them. I wear them almost every time I go outside. It's my "thing".

Collar Necklaces

These were in a while back, but they have been out of style for a little while now. Nobody seems to wear these anymore. But come on! They're cute and they complete a super simple outfit into something more fashionable! What's not to like?

Flatform Boots

Don't hit me! People really seem to hate these, but I think they look cute! They make my 5'3 stature taller without making my feet hurt like crazy after three hours. Sure, they're clunky, but come on! They're adorable.

So what does your unconventional wardrobe look like?

-Barista Mia-

Image: Vincent Boiteau