How To Winter: Surviving Freezing Trips

It's freezing outside and the last thing you want to do in the winter holidays is to go out in the snow and do stuff that will turn your lips blue. Nuh-uh. I mean, going outside will just dry up your already flaked up skin and make you sting all over. What's the fun in that? But now I'm going to let you in on my secret to winter trips. Whether it's to the beach, the amusement park, the mountain, or wherever you are going that is still winter, (We're students. We can't afford Fiji.) it doesn't matter. My tips will save you from freezing winter trips.

Cover up from head to toe 

I'm serious. I once went to the amusement park with my friends in the middle of winter. I was wearing a sweater, a parka, thick jeans... everything. BUT! My face, neck, and hands were completely exposed to the freezing wind. I was okay at first. I mean, I'm used to the cold. But then my friends and I went on a ride and all the parts of my skin that was peeking out literally died. My hands stung so much and my face was flaking like crazy. All my friends and I had to cut the trip short due to our dying skin. We were purple with white flakes and cracked skin. Not pretty. It took a while to recover from the sting of the wind. So I'm telling you: Cover the heck up unless you want to die.

Don't go alone

Even if you want to have some alone time, it's best to go with one extra person. Body heat can keep you warm and cuddling up with your friends and/or boyfriend is a really good idea. Can you imagine just standing in the middle of nowhere with nobody in sight to keep you warm? The horror. Plus, trips are all the more fun with people around. Talking and laughing with them alone can keep you warm. No cuddling required. But if you must insist on a solo trip, go somewhere that lets you to stay inside almost all the time. Well, that is, unless you enjoy the feeling of freezing to death.

Move a lot

No, I don't mean let the car or whatever you're riding on move for you. You move. Yes. With your feet. And your arms. Your butt too. Dance to the music that is playing. Jump around in excitement at whatever you're doing. Overreact! Do whatever you must to keep yourself warm with rosy cheeks.

Don't skip the deodorant

Yeah. I guess this sounds a little weird, but, um, your pits might still sweat although the rest of your body is freezing. Yeah... True story. I've *cough* experienced it myself. So just in case, don't forget the deodorant cause, well, you might stink. Shrug. Better safe than sorry.

-Barista Mia-

Image: Martin Abegglen